Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back To The Future

So Sunday I started watching Back to the future. I missed the first 30 minutes of it. But I had honestly never really seen the whole thing. Then last night I watched Back to the Future 2, but of course I also missed the first 30 minutes of that.

I was enthralled by all the differences that I could located between the two movies. I immediately noticed that in II, when re-enacting the scene where Marty plays guitar at the dance, the guitar he plays in 2 is a DIFFERENT GUITAR than he plays in I. This of course is partly because of my fine tuned musical instrument eyes, and also partially due to my husband playing guitar, and me playing guitar at an entry level. In I, the guitar was RED and in II it was more of a woodgrain guitar. I was blown away by the obviousness of it all. Then I noticed that Marty was wearing a peach shirt (open at the collar with no tie) in one, and a shirt and tie in the other. And what's cool is that in part II they switch between the actual part II footage, and splicing in footage from scenes actually shot in BTTF I. I couldn't believe the discrepancies. And this was the FIRST time I had seen them! And I noticed all these things. I remember wondering when I watched it if the guitar was really that old. Evan has one similar that was his grandpa's, but it's a Fender, and I believe it's a Stratocaster. Then Today I found a movie mistakes website with info on BTTF and they never even mention the shirt difference, or the color of the guitar, but they do mention "Factual error: The electric guitar Marty plays at the "Enchantment Under the Sea Dance" is a Gibson ES335 (or 345 or 355). This guitar model debuted between 1957 and 1958 yet he's supposedly playing it in 1955. It would have been more accurate to have him using a Fender Telecaster (1950) or Stratocaster (1954). The Gibson 335 was not made until 1958." Aha! I am smart!

But this one I completely missed and now I wish I could go back and investigate: "Deliberate "mistake": Just after the Libyans arrive, Marty is seen jumping into the Delorean. If you look closely at his face in this shot, you can see that it's not Michael J. Fox. It's actually Eric Stolz, who was originally cast as Marty McFly."

So tonight is BTTF III and I can't wait. I am TIVO'ing it so that I don't miss anything.

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