Monday, January 15, 2007

Gag me with a spoon

Today was a rough day! Up until about last Thursday, my face-off's with so called "morning sickness" have been brief and fleeting. Of course for me it's more of an "after you eat sickness" or perhaps it shows itself as an "all day long sickness" or "I'm so hungry I'm Nauseous Sickness."

Up until a few days ago, as long as I ate when I was hungry (don't wait too long!) and didn't eat too much, I was great. Gas. That's about it. But now it's really starting to kick in. I am at 7weeks 1day today. I made it through Thursday with some nausea, and Friday was actually pretty good. I got to eat on time because I wasn't at work. (Dermatologist appointment followed immediately by Ultrasound with the specialist, followed immediately by lunch and then an eye appointment.) We went out to supper and I was happy the whole time, never nauseous despite all the German food smells and tastes. It was good.

Saturday I decided to eat a hot turkey sub (cold lunchmeat=listeria) at Monical's and I only got halfway through it before I was nauseous and couldn't eat any more. The texture of the turkey drove me NUTS and the mustard was all globbed on and the tomatoes were kinda old and the lettuce was chunky and iceberg instead of leafy and green or shredded as usual. Saturday night I ordered Chicken from the Chicken Fry with friends, and something told me, when I was eating it, that it wasn't a good idea. I was full the whole night and didn't want to look at food. The whole next day I was nauseous and my stomach hurt. I was able to get some cheerios down for breakfast, and then I sat in the bathtub and popped tums and tried not to make any waves in the water so my stomach wouldn't hurt. All afternoon I nibbled on string cheese, fruit cups, yogurt, apples, and crackers. Finally I got a HUGE craving for pancakes. Of all things. SO I made whole wheat pancakes topped with mixed berries and strawberry syrup. And they were delicious. And I felt great the whole rest of the night.

Then this morning I woke up yucky again, and made myself eat two pieces of peanut butter toast sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. I think I should have just ate one piece. By 10 am I was sick feeling again, and for some reason all the smells of my workplace (healthcare, just imagine...) were driving me bonkers, as well as everyone discussing what they were going to have for lunch. And every time I had to pee, some person had just taken a horiffic dump in the bathroom and NOT used the air freshener that we have in there. Gross. Gross. Gross. All morning I had this tickle in my throat and I kept drinking water and chewing gum (I chewed 3 pieces in 30 minutes) to get the tickle gone, but it was bad, and every time I would cough, I would gag. Not not not good. So finally at noon I told my boss I just needed to get OUT and I went to Wal-Mart and bought 12 packages of peppermint gum, 2 packages of Sugar Free Lifesavers Peppermints, a huge bottle of Mylanta, and a Big Bottle of Tums, all to keep at work.
Then of all things, I knew that if my stomach was going to feel better, I would have to eat McDonalds. Salty Fries and a plain old cheeseburger. And I had a fry and 2 cheeseburgers and I was INSTANTLY better... but cautious and exhausted. Of course the cleaning people were at my house so I went to mom's and hung out and lay down on the couch or in the recliner. I came home at 4 and added potatoes to the roast in the crock pot, and took a short nap.

Tonight I have felt okay. When I can control my surroundings and the food I eat and when I eat and when I can avoid bad smells, I am fine. But work is definately going to be a challenge.

And then there is the issue of what to wear. I can still button my bigger jeans, but I hate things touching my stomach. It really bugs me. My shirts are already too tight across my belly. People say "buy bigger clothes" and I say why the FUCK would I buy bigger clothes when I just need to wear maternity clothes for the next 7 months. Can't I just buy those and start wearing them? People are like "but you aren't REALLY showing.... that's just bloating and gas." and I say so what. I am not buying a new wardrobe a size bigger. It's not like I can wear jeans and t-shirts to work, I have a dress code to follow. So I have underbelly maternity pants and babydoll shirts that I grabbed off ebay, and now that people KNOW I am pregnant I am wearing maternity clothes. And I am SOOO much more comfortable! People say "just put a hair tie through your pants" yeah. Cuz that's comfortable. And my stomach hurts as it is and i don't want anything pressing on it. Not to mention that dress pants don't HAVE button holes to do that with.

I have pretty much just had trouble staying awake and BREATHING. At night. I snore so badly, and I have to wear a breathe right strip every night. I can't even breathe, and half the time I wake up at 2am and can't breathe so I can't get back to sleep and I get so pissed and agitated that I will NEVER get back to sleep. Nothing is worse than feeling exhausted and not being able to sleep. If it were up to me, I would take a nap every day. And that's what I do on the weekend.

So good night to everyone, and hope this wasn't a boring pregnant chick blab. But I have been keeping all this preggo blogging inside for 7 weeks! Tomorrow I will tell you about Back to the Future and The Christmas Tree and the cool bookmark that Michelle sent me that I keep forgetting to take a picture of!


Michelle said...

I'm happy you received the bookmark and you like it!

I hope this icky preggo feeling you're having will pass and you can enjoy it more.

MrsThompson said...

You are only pregnant for a few short months (like I know, I haven't been but give me a year!). Go ahead and wear the maternity clothes! Be proud to be prego, especially if you have some that will fit you now!

I'm not sure what size you are, but I'm a plus size. I just noticed that Lane Bryant launched a maternity line... not sure if you would be interested in it or not.

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