Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Fiver

1. What feels like home?
Um. Okay. I don't know what this is supposed to mean. My house feels like home, OBVIOUSLY. Who thought of these? If I really wanted to feel like home, I would have to be wearing my pajamas and slippers, perhaps with a cup of Chai Latte (Tastefully Simple's Oh My Chai! made with milk) and a book or some music of choice. Dogs at my feet or snoozing on their beds, husband quietly strumming guitar, icky weather outside like I should just stay RIGHT where I am.
2 Do you look at yourself carefully in the mirror before you leave for the day?
Hm. I think I look at various portions of my body in separate brief instances. I see my face when I wash it, when I do my make-up and hair, I see my hair most of the time, I see my full body when I am finished dressing, and then I put my shoes on. I don't know about the careful part, because I try not to dwell too long, I know I have done my best with what I have and that's all.
3. How do you feel right now?
Ready for this week to be over and my pajamas to be put on soon.
4. Are you a star-gazer?
If it's nice outside. I was when I lived in the country, and in the summer I like to look at stars on the back patio while lying on the swing. I guess kinda. Yet I can't hardly stay focused when my husband goes on a 20 minute explanation of why this is a planet now and this is not, etc.
5. Friday Fill-In:
How much time has passed since you last _____?
Hmm. Took a Drag off a cigarette? Let's say about 19 days. Never have really been a smoker, except perhaps back in college when I would smoke a whopping 2 cigarettes a day. But every now and then I enjoy a good smoke.

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