Thursday, January 04, 2007

Murder She Wrote

I had a big surprise at work. Someone murdered my easy button. I was shocked. Appalled. Nauseated. I glanced around the office, over my shoulder. I swallowed a shriek of panic.

Oh wait... That's not blood.... It's... RASPBERRY JUICE? Wha? Where? How? Oh that evil mini fridge! Those evil Sam's Choice Raspberries! The raspberries defrosted, which is what I WANTED but then they LEAKED which is what I did NOT expect, and dripped all down the inside of the fridge, and somehow THROUGH the door seal? And formed a perfect pattern around the easy button looking like a bloody mess.

Strange. Unusual. Messy.

What else is new? I forced myself to wear clothes today. It's raining today and I am wearing sweater mules. My pinkie toe itches. I'm eating green grapes. I had to purchase Fit produce wash online because all stores have suddenly quit carrying it right around the time that I can't trust the decontamination of any fruits and vegetables. I am addicted to Target's Prairie and Songbirds CD's to put myself to sleep. It's a new year and I don't give a flying fuck. My friends Josh and Lisa got engaged over Christmas. The Resonator Guitar that I bought for Evan for Christmas Arrived with a cracked neck, which means it is junk. The eBay seller had to refund the money and the guitar is waiting for a UPS Pickup. I have absolutely no motivation to take down two Christmas Trees and other Christmas Decorations. I signed up for the Pink and Yellow February Swap even though I haven't yet gotten my pink and green November swap. I forgot to drop a check off at Lisa's this morning and now I feel terrible. Anya got a new job. My health insurance company denied coverage for the Zeno because they deemed it cosmetic even though It was PRESCRIBED and heals cystic acne, which is a medical condition and not strictly cosmetic. I am sick of getting surveys in my email, and when I try to go take them, I have to answer a bunch of questions and then they say "We are sorry, you don't qualify to take this survey." So far I have filled out over 15 survey requests and I haven't qualified for any of them.

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