Sunday, January 28, 2007

February Pink and Yellow Swap

On Saturday, I was fairly productive. Okay, not really. But I did start and finish the February Pink and Yellow Swap this weekend. After a $207 trip to Wal-Mart (groceries, diapers, toiletries, swap stuff) I unloaded groceries and then watched my usual Nick and Nite Roseanne Marathon. I was in bed by 10:30, per my usual preggo schedule.

Saturday I slept till about 9, then forced myself to lay in bed and continue my dream until I drifted in and out of sleep- up until around 11am. Then Evan had a visitation/funeral to go to, so I ran around in my underwear and pajamas and altered this target mailbox and gathered and packaged my pink and yellow goodness for the Color-iffic Swap-o-rama pink and yellow swap. It all looks so small, but I have to tell you that little crap adds up fast :) Hopefully my partner will love and adore it, as well as appreciate that god things come in small packages. I was able to put most of the goodies inside the mailbox and the rest all fit alongside the mailbox in a small priority mail cube. It's all ready to go! My partner's name starts with an "m" so it made it simple for me, since I have so much "m" stuff myself!

Saturday night I got all dolled up because Evan was going to take my to LOS RANCHERITOS, the new mexican restraunt in Princeton on Route 6/Peru Street. Apparently most of the county was also going there. It was standing people and totally crammed. People were waiting in line to place orders, there was no seating, so Evan, my brilliant husband, said "get a menu and we'll order from the car." So I stepped through all the peeps waiting and grabbed a paper menu and we hi-tailed it to the car where I called and placed our order via cell phone. It was kinda funny because all the peeps waiting in line had to wait while the guy taking their orders answered the phone and took ours.

The food was great, we took it home and rented the 3rd X-men movie in On Demand (cable.) Our food was a little cool. Their chips were awesome. Evan had Enchiladas and I had my fave- Chicken Fajitas. I think that Mi Margarita's in Peru is better, but it's hard to tell unless you are eating your food fresh instead of taking it home. But overall we are super excited that they are there, and I recommend to anyone- grab a menu and call in your order. It's a constant evening madhouse there. I hope their business goes so well that they can move to a new location in town or build on so they have more dining space. Evan said that the people working there, especially the woman who appeared to be part owner, were very polite to him. That makes me smile.

Today I am supposed to be cleaning since the cleaning people come tomorrow, but so far I have sorted through the basket of bills, all the piles of mail, and balanced the checkbook (a huge undertaking that usually takes an hour-three hours.) I also packaged up my swap and addressed the box, and cleared off the coffee table and started a load of whites. Wow. Only a whole house left to go! Ugh.

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Michelle said...

Your swap partners are always soooo lucky to get you! I never had such luck so I quit swapping.

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