Friday, January 19, 2007

Don't Stop Me! I'm on my way to Renew My Library Card!

I am the kind of person who, once I set my mind to something, I won't rest until it is accomplished. As long as it is my focus, it becomes my primary focus. My grandma, who died when my mom was about 15, and who I never met, had a saying "where there's a will, there's a way." and I have heard that repeated to me a million times. Now I repeat it to myself and others.

I look so much like my grandma jean that once when I was just in high school, we were eating dinner at a restaurant where she used to waitress, and someone from another table needed ketchup. I stood up to walk it over to the next table and an older gentleman who didn't know me had a "flashback" of sorts and said "You must be related to Jean, you are the spitting image!" and I heard that allot. Same color hair even. My mom was shocked that the man knew who I was without even knowing me.

So what I have on my mind today? Renewing my library card. It all started with some books that I want. I covet. I want to curl up and devour them and stuff my brains with knowledge. Because I already have ENOUGH books, and I don't need to BUY anymore, I was trying to tell myself that I should go back to what I was taught and start using the library. Well, the downfall of a small town library is that most books that you want to read aren't there. I am not putting DOWN the library, but their budgets are limited! And when that new book comes out and there is ONE copy, it might take you three months to catch it and you have to put your name on a list and it's just one of those things. But luckily we have library networks so if you want a book they can call other libraries and find it. But most small town librarians act like you are asking them to shit out a gold brick when you ask them to do this.

I grew up going to the library on a weekly basis. All summer long especially. We each had a big tote bag that was for the library. Our mom taught us to pass the time with books, and be lazy in the sunshine with a book. So we would go to the library and I would pick out like 6 or 7 or 10 books and go to the counter and set them up there and the librarian would giggle and say "oh no sweetie, you can't have this many books! You see, you only get to check them out for a week! So maybe you could just pick ONE of these?" And I would just turn around and look at my mom (usually a few bookshelves away) and mom would come over and smile at the librarian and say "no, really. It's okay. She'll read at least one of those books a day." and I don't mean kids books. I mean young adult, 1-2" thick books. I have always been a fast reader. The librarian would be skeptical and mom would just give her that one look and before you knew it I would have 10 books in my library tote and be ready to get home and start reading. The librarian would get used to this, but every time that we would get a new or substitute librarian, we would go through the same thing again.

I have a Wyanet Library card but I haven't renewed it since 2005. So I have to first renew the library card from Wyanet. It's difficult for me to get to the Library in Wyanet because with the exception of 1 day a week, they are only open 1-6pm, and I am at work. But my main goal is to go to Matson Public Library in Princeton. They have the main library, and a satellite location on Main street, AND they are working on the new location in the old Bogo's Building that will even have a wireless internet cafe. How cool is that? If you live in Wyanet you get a library card for Raymond A. Sapp Library for free. If you have a Wyanet library card, then you can use the Matson Public Library for free. My favorite part of the Matson public library is their website! You can search for books online, not just in your library, but in OTHER libraries in the entire HAL system. You can make lists of books you want to read. You can place a hold on a book if it is "checked out" and you can renew your books online. You can login and view your library account. It's just a REALLY great feature that is well worth it.

Because I have 4 books that I want to read, and because I need to order them through HAL, I would like to start using the Matson website. They are right in Princeton where I am every single day, and their hours are very flexible. They are open till 8pm every weeknight, except 6pm on Friday, and the main location is RIGHT on my way home. So how convenient? And so I have to renew my Wyanet card! It's my main focus of the day! I can't do anything or focus on ANYTHING until this damn library card is renewed! Yippee!!!

This weekend someone needs to take our Christmas Tree down, and someone needs to clean my scrapbook room. Someone needs to do laundry. I plan on going shopping with my mom on Saturday, she is looking at carpet and such, and we both want to look at beds and mattresses.

It's a little warmer here today, still ice on the trees and a dusting of snow on the ground. When the wind blows, the trees over head make noises like someone is twisting an ice cube tray over your head. Not actually cracking the cubes out, but twisting it just enough that you hear the squeaking and some crackling and think that at any minute it could start raining icicles. I was also really taken aback this morning on the way to work. The Prairie Grass along route 6 on the flats was sparkling in such an amazing way, bent over in elegant glass arcs. If I would have had my camera and the energy to lift my arms to photograph... I would have pictures to share. Maybe another day. Just take my word for it!

Books I am wanting to read:
Rediscovering birth by: Sheila Kitzinger:
A study of the universal experience of pregnancy and
childbirth discusses the emotional aspects of
pregnancy, the physical and spiritual aspects of the
birth experience, and the cultural influences

Choosing waterbirth : reclaiming the sacred power of birth by: Lakshmi Bertram

The thinking woman's guide to a better birth by: Henci Goer

The womanly art of breastfeeding by: The La Leche League International

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