Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lullaby and Goodnight.....

okay, this is gonna sound crazy, but anybody got some good vegetable recipes? I am supposed to be eating all these fresh vegetables. And I tend to like cooked veggies. But it's like, besides Broccoli with cheese, and asparagus with butter, how to heck do I cook fresh veggies? I have always bought frozen or canned veggies. Frozen Veggies Mixes to put in stir-fry and eat as sides, and canned carrots and green beans too. But my CNM is on me to eat FRESH Vegetables and not canned and frozen, and I am like "I don't even know where to begin!" I get to the produce aisle and I just wanna cry! Help? If you have some ideas send them my way.

One thing I have been able to eat happily is sliced bell peppers with hummus or ranch dip. I Don't really like raw carrots. I do love Artichokes but I am seriously daunted at trying to cook a fresh one. Ugh. Once I made Eggplant Parmesan and I liked it, but wow I don't have that much time and energy. I wish someone catered vegetables. Like Fresh vegetables all cooked up nice. I would so be ordering some veggies on wheels.

My other goal is the 3- 8oz servings of milk a day. I always thought I could count cheeses and other dairy products, but CNM insists on 3 glasses of milk. Well an 8oz glass of milk isn't much milk. I usually drink about 16 ounces in a glass. And I put a TON of milk on my cereal, more than most people. But now I am trying to drink milk mid-day, while at work. This weekend I need to get some groceries, more fresh meat and some kind of veggies, and some little milk chugs that I can drink here and there.

Still tired. Okay Exhausted. I passed my Glucose Test, so no gestational diabetes yet. That's one of the main concerns for me (and my CNM) - so as long as my GTT's are normal, I can continue to take my medication for insulin resistance throughout my pregnancy.

The Christmas Tree is still up. The Desk in the Office is still a mess. The Dining Room table is still a clusterfuck of mail and Nativity Scene Pieces. There is still a squished and half frozen pumpkin where it died by the back door before December 1st. There's a mouse in the kitchen that is pissing me off but I haven't had the energy to go get Glue traps to catch the little bastard. The dogs still need to be taken to the groomers for a nail trim and all that jazz. Oh well. Soon this first trimester will be OVER! And I hope the exhaustion goes with it.

I have a friend having a Stampin Up Show, and I am getting the Carte Postale and the French Flair Stamps from the Winter Mini Flier. Trying to limit my purchases on things like that so that I can save up for baby furniture.


MrsThompson said...

Well I know you know this, but you can search Pampered Chef recipes at or check out

Philis said...
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Philis said...

That comment above was me as I hit enter too soon! Anyway use the large micro cooker from PC for steaming all sorts of veggies. Also in the It's Good For You Cookbook, there is a vegetable sandwich on foccacia (the actual name escapes me right now) but you "roast" the veggies on the bar pan after they have been tossed with the PC Basil Blend Canola Oil. They are yummy, especially when served with a grilled chicken breast.

And yes, when the 1st trimester is over, you will have good energy. :)

Ms.DaFarm said...

Huh, normally I use frozen too! Not sure if these are what you're going for but a couple of my favorites:
Baked/nuked sweet potato with Splenda or that Low Cal spray butter (MMMM!)

Dice up fresh tomoatoes, add a small container of crumbled feta cheese (Walmart has "seasoned" types), a small can of sliced or diced black olives (optional) and fresh diced red onions (optional); drizzle with olive oil and toss.

"Summer Tomato Sandwiches": Whole wheat bread (Walmart's bakery 9 grain Italian is heavenly), sliced tomatoes, basil pesto (in a jar in the spaghetti sauce section) and swiss or provolone cheese.

Millie said...


I live in the UK and we get an organic veg box delivered from a farm on a weekly basis.

They always send us recipes for the vegtables we get that week and they are posted on their website, so here is the URL:

The idea of the scheme is that you get fresh organic farm grown vegtables that are in season - so the qulaity is amazing.

Hopefully you'll find something on there you like.

BTW - I'm due 3 weeks after you, so I've been eating lots of veggies too !!
Also, I've been making lots of smoothies, my favourite is this one:

You can make it yourself! Check out the others too

Take it easy

Millie said...

Sorry .. I meant to say that one 75ml carton of Smoothie equals 2 of the recommended 5 portions of fruit and veg you are meant to have a day :->)

dazed said...

AWESOME! You guys (gals) are great. I did take Millie's advice right away and ordered an organic fruits and veggies sampler from California due to my door tomorrow. I can't WAIT! I have been spending easily $95 a week on fruits and veggies here in Illinois, and these are just regular supermarket stock.

I will have to get online and search for ways to prepare all the veggies I receive. The sampler looks to be cheaper than what I pay in the store, plus it's organic, plus it's got free overnight delivery to my door. This isn't a bad deal! We will see how much comes in the sampler!

Millie said...

Oh WOW! I didn't think you'd go all the way and get a veggie/fruit box delivered!
Good for you - I hope it works out for you.

On another note, thanks for replying - I read you every day
(I work in IT too - Government computing ...zzzzzzz ) so I love hearing about "the place we aren't supposed to blog about"!

Lorra love
x x x

Reesh said...

My trick is to drink a "green smoothie" a day, and I LOVE them!

You take bunch of spinach, and blend it with any kind of fruit you like and any kind of juice you like. My favourite right now is Pineapple juice blended with an apple, pear, banana and of course the spinach. It might sound crazy, but it's delicious and you can't even taste the spinach. AND, it's 100% good for you!

Good luck!

Linda said...

I steam fresh broccoli and carrots together, then melt butter over the top and salt & pepper. Even the kids like it that way. I swear, you could do just broccoli and carrots and be good. They're so good for you. I don't know what the nutritional benefits of purple cabbage are, but it's pretty yummy stir-fried with a little curry, especially so with potatos, although those aren't so good on the glycemic index. One of my favorite ways to eat fresh tomatoes and avocados is to toast bread, spread with mayo, and slice the tomato or avocado over that with a slice of cheese.

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