Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Well it's about time to take a shower. Not really, but I have watched enough repeats of Scrubs, Crossing Jordan, etc. that I am tired of lying on the couch. But showering seems like it would take SO Much energy. I have checked the email. And the bank balance. Read a magazine. Checked my list of things to do. Uploaded pics to Flickr.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my midwife. I got my Group B Strep Tests run, and more thyroid tests. AND I got my cervix checked. And it wasn't exactly comfortable. But I survived and I am here to tell you that I was (am!) Miraculously and surprisingly dilated to a 3! Or in the midwife's words "Some would call it a three, I call it 2 and 3/4... almost a 3"

Then last night I was feeling pretty rough, partly from cramping and such that I assume is a result of being checked, and some that was this horrible backache that wouldn't go away. Ava came over for an hour or so, and she played and entertained herself with the Stacking Buckets and the Tea Set. Evan suggested that I go to bed, probably so he wouldn't have to hear me moaning and groaning anymore, because I was so uncomfortable. But after lying down and doing hypnobirthing, I felt much better and went right to sleep. I did take two tylenol, and I was able to sleep for about 11 hours with only three pee breaks. YAY!

Last night I strapped Dog into the car seat for fun. Evan said "And you know, that's probably about how big the baby will be!" I made supper and two loaves of bread, a Tastefully Simple Beer Bread and a Tastefully Simple Pumpkin Bread. Yum!

So I am trying to not get my hopes up about the "almost 3" thing... but it's exciting to know there's progress, especially with no pain or contractions. Lots of people say "that's not fair" because they labored forever to get to a 3, or they never got there on their own. But then there are others, like moms who stay dilated for a month or so with no progress.

My biggest goal for the week is to convince Evan that we need to go see the Bourne Ultimatum this weekend. I freaking love the Bourne movies. This weekend is my shower too, so it does narrow down the time we have to go see it, but I still think we can fit it in. Maybe on Saturday night. Since the "almost 3" thing, I have had about 4 people tell me not to have the baby before this weekend, and one say "don't have the baby on your shower day!" and I have to admit that having my baby the day of my shower has crossed my mind more than once. But I am pretty sure we still have lots of time.

Afternoons at work are really going quickly. Working 4 hours is a nice way for me to wind down and relax prior to having the baby. I am getting plenty of sleep and can feel myself feeling more prepared. Yesterday I found my favorite maternity dress, which had been missing since July 7th. It's black with white polka dots and a red ribbon at the empire waist that ties in the back. It's super comfy and I was getting so worked up that I couldn't find it.... and it was in with Evan's dark clothes. I was so excited to find it that I washed it and wore it yesterday. Ahh. One of my other favorite dresses I get to wear for the shower, but I have not worn it out yet because I want to "save" it for the shower. But after that I will hopefully be able to wear it to work a few times before the baby gets here.

Tomorrow I am supposed to get my hair done. FINALLY! My hair grows so fast normally, but when I am pregnant, I have had to get my highlights touched up every two months! That's insane! I am going back to a darker red this time because I am tired of blonde and I won't be able to afford to get my hair done while I am off work for so long. Every night I have hoped that it was time to get my hair done, and finally tomorrow night it will be time! YAY!

Well, that's all for today. Now it really IS time to take a shower. have a great Wednesday!

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Michelle said...

I had my 2nd child a few days before my shower and begged my dr to let me go home so I could attend it! I went right from discharge from the hospital to the shower with baby in tote! You never know what can happen!

It does get exciting knowing that you are progressing, try to not let the anxiousness get the better of you!

Too cute, dog in the seat!

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