Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I am awake. I can't believe it. I keep telling myself instead of fighting it, I should use this time to accomplish some of the things on my list. Blogging wasn't on my list, but it was on my "unwritten" list.

Since I am trying out this "modified bedrest" thing, I am trying to keep my notebooks handy. Everytime I am sitting, I think of all these things I am supposed to be doing. So I write them down. Then every time I get up to pee, or refill my water glass, or during a commercial, I do one thing on my list. Not big things, but things like "switch the laundry" or "fax that ring appraisal" or "water the plants."

Saturday was an extremely relaxing day. I felt like a whole new person when it was over. It started out by getting a 1 hour prenatal massage. I went to a new person, Nancy Crowther, who works at Princeton Therapeutic Massage. In the past, I have gone mostly to the spa, at Ariva. Tina gives wonderful massages there, but while pregnant, I just wasn't comfortable. I decided to try Nancy, because she is also a Doula and I personally would consider her a specialist in prenatal massage. I also like to go to Ariva because of the spa like feel of the place, the trickling fountain, the low lighting, soft music, candles, and buttery yellow walls and sheets. Princeton Family Therapeutic isn't as spa-like, but they do okay with what they have (a rental space with wood paneling.) Anyway, Nancy's massage was very relaxing, her touch is lighter than most, because usually there is a decent amount of pain involved in the massages I get. But for some reason, while pregnant, I don't appreciate or tolerate that well. So after an hour, I felt fabulous and relaxed, and she had really done wonders for my hips, but it didn't hurt. Then I went home and relaxed for a few hours, and after that I made copies of breastfeeding information for grandma's, and delivered my mom's to her, and sat and chatted with her for a couple of hours. Then I went to Evan's parents and watched TV with Kyle and Sue, and that evening I went swimming, which basically consisted of putting on my suit and amy big floppy hat, parking myself in a sitting position on a floatie, and going around and around the pool with the natural current while talking to Kyle and Sue who were sitting on the deck. The water just feels nice when you are pregnant. That night we took out the Mustang Convertible that used to be Grandpa Warren's, and ate supper at the Wagon Wheel in Mineral. So I did tons of sitting without having to be home by myself.

Sunday I did pick up around home for a couple of hours, and then relaxed for a couple more. That afternoon we saw the Simpsons Movie at a Matinee with John and Amy. Then Evan and I grabbed a quick supper and I went home and sat for a couple more hours. That night I ran to Wal-mart to buy a few totes (I am still organizing) and some groceries. I had been washing dishwashers full of bottles, sippy cups, nipples, and ball canning jars. And putting the nipples in baggies by stage, and sorting bottles and sippies into totes by ounce sizes. There is STILL so much to do!

Yesterday was an okay Monday. The cleaning people were coming so I had to do more than I wanted to. I got up at 10:15, and picked up for an hour. Then I got in the shower and got ready for work. I went in to have an NST just after noon, and took my lunch with. It was the quickest one I have had, she was very active (must have liked that salad that I had with the cold ice water) and after the NST I went to work. It was a very productive 4 hours. I am concentrating on clearing ut my Queue at work, and packing up things in my office. They are considering having some help come in while I am gone, and someone may sit in my office. I am not keen on someone temporary touching all my stuff, especially when I have so much personal stuff in my office, from my mini fridge to my logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, to my Buddha mouse pad and my stash of tylenol, Tums, Excedrin, deoderant, toothpaste, and mascara. So I plan on packing up whatever I can and bringing it home for the next 3 months or so.

Today mom is planning on coming over to use the computer. Last night at about 9:30 I was bored out of my mind and ready to call it a night. I read some of my Barack Obama book for less than 3 minutes and then did Hypnobirthing and fell asleep. I couldn't believe it when I was up at 5am. But I had been awake every hour for some serious pee breaks. I felt pretty refreshed. I lay around for about 40 minutes, trying to conjure up dreams and go back to sleep, but eventually I just gave up, let the dogs outside, refilled their water, took 4 more pee breaks, ate a bowl of rice chex, and started laundry. Evan rolled over and peered at me through squinted eyes "What are you doing?" and then "Are you okay?" He he. Yep, just crazy.

So I am sitting down now to make cards for the "baby lotto" that will happen at my shower on Sunday. And while I am thinking ahead, I have to make a big run to the post office today, but I don't want to do that until after I shower, and I don't want to shower until right before I leave for work because I have a Dr. appt today and I will get my Group B Strep Swabs taken (eeww) and so I want everything to be sparkling clean. LOL.

Have a great day. I will try my best to accomplish without overdoing it!

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