Friday, July 20, 2007


This morning as I was being so rudely awakened by my alarm clock, it occurred to me that after only 24 more days of alarm clock waking, I would never have to set it again. Instead, I will be woken naturally at all hours of the night by the cries of my own child, which (amazingly) seems so much better than an alarm clock! LOL.

Last night Evan and I were at home and I had been cutting coupons. I found a coupon online for $1.00 off two jars of Gerber baby food. That means that I could buy them for 2 cents per jar. That's freakin Insanity! I printed out 100 coupons, and Evan and I, with the assistance of my mom and sister, plan to clear the store shelves off. I can not freaking wait. So Evan helped by cutting lots of the coupons in half, and something we were talking about made him say "I can't wait to see her" and I said "we will see her on Tuesday at the 3D ultrasound!" and he said "No, I mean to really see her! Like to kiss her and hug her and hold her!" To hear that come out of Evan's mouth just melts me. For someone who has never had their own child, and who doesn't get the experience of carrying her around every day for 10 months, it's just amazing to hear him say that. And it's funny how I get so excited about every little thing. As the nursery progressed I would often just sit back there. I could fold and re-fold clothes and arrange and re-arrange things 100 thousand times. I love the smell of the packages of diapers and the baby lotion and the sound of the Rainforest Crib soother and sitting there dreaming about how there will be nothing else to worry about, except my family. No work. No place that I have to go. Ahhh.

And when the car seat arrived, not only did my blood pressure go down about 10 notches, but my excitement level went up about 30 notches. A new car seat gave me the same feeling of anticipation and excitement that new school supplies and tennis shoes gave me each fall. That same feeling you get when you crack open a brand new notebook with a fresh clean page, or when you open a new box of sharp crayons with the tips perfectly angled. Being artistic, my husband can completely relate to that feeling. And we looked around the nursery last night, and he looked at the car seat, I could just SEE that he had the same feeling. How crazy is it that we could just stand there and stare at a car seat with these goofy smiles on our faces. And he could say "I just love that little seat!" and I knew exactly what he meant.

So it's getting exciting around here. I think my thyroid medicine is really starting to work. I feel so much better now and not nearly as tired as previously.

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Michelle said...

I understand how you feel, especially when Evan said he can't wait - just melts your heart hearing those words coming from a soon-to-be daddy!

Time is ticking and the day is coming soon!

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