Monday, July 02, 2007

Welcome to Month 8, Can I take your order?

It's July. It's month 8. And I don't want to work. At all. Ever. But then I tell myself that i have Wednesday off for the 4th and I think... I can do it. I am so freaking tired today! I slept for 10 hours, so I don't know how that's really possible. Of course I was up at 1am and again at 4am and again at 6:30am to take two Tylenol for a splitting headache... but I guess that's normal for the most part (potty breaks.) I fel like I need toothpicks to prop my eyes open. I have fallen into the habit in the past two weeks of not wearing makeup to work, and today I am not putting makeup on either. Who cares. Too much work. Takes time. and I don't care. By 3pm my waterproof mascara is smeared anyway.

Let's see if I can recall the weekend. Friday night was Lisa's bead party. It was fun. Saturday I wore my pajamas all day and worked on baby announcements, etc. Ava came over for a while and Evan and Ava and I played and entertained ourselves. Saturday afternoon I practiced my hypnobirthing CD again, but before I got to the rainbow part of the CD I must have either fallen asleep or been hypnotized, because I sat up two hours later and looked at the clock like "what the hell happened? What day is it?" Then I took a shower and painted my toenails (which I had to work really hard to reach) and then Evan and I went out for supper at the Wagon Wheel in Mineral, where I had the cheeseburger and fries fix that I was wanting. That night we ran to Wal-Mart to get the ingredients for our dish to pass at the cookout the next day. I went to sleep and slept late again on Sunday, although I woke up at 6:30 with bad dreams about two guys trying to shoot my pregnant belly. Freaky. Eventually I got back to sleep and had nice dreams until about 11:30 when someone called and woke us up.

That afternoon I picked up around home and ran the dishwasher once, and made the cheesy potato casserole. Then we went to Walnut for a cookout at my cousin Jessica's, and sat on her deck to watch the fireworks let off across the street. They were good fireworks. But it took so freaking LONG for it to get dark I was getting frustrated.

Mom and Dad ran me home that night as Evan didn't stay for the fireworks, and I ran the dishwasher again and went to lie down. It was almost 11 and I read my book for a while and then at about 11:45 I started listening to the hypnobirthing CD again, but again, before getting to the rainbow part I must have fallen asleep. I woke up at about 1am all confused about what time it was and where I had been.

I was having good dreams last night and this morning and I did NOT want to get up at all, let alone if it meant getting ready and going to work. Ugh.

Last week I tried to order a bunch of nursing tops, camisoles and tank tops mostly, from and I got so frustrated because my shopping code, which was listed on each product page of their site, wouldn't work in the checkout area. I ended up trying to call their customer service, but I spent 30 minutes redialing and all I got was a busy signal. Frustrating. Not to mention that it was a $157 order. So today I had an email back from them with a different coupon code to use that got me WAY more money off, $45 off to be exact, and was totally worth waiting for. Not like I will need any nursing clothes for 2 months. But I need to order them now, because in 2 months I will be on FMLA and will be getting a disability check for 6 weeks and then nothing at all for the other 6 weeks. People always comment on how "prepared" we are and how we can "always buy those things after the baby is born" and I want to say "with whose money?" Duh. But I guess those comments usually come from someone my parents age, usually a mom who never worked and has no idea what it's like to have a two income household decrease to a one income household overnight. It would at least be nice to have some tank tops that I can wear under regular clothes so that I can go out in public and still feed my kid. I did also buy one pair of pajamas, a capri pant and sleeveless top set in Lavender that's really pretty and I could actually wear around home, especially when we have visitors. My two pair of nursing pajamas that I have aren't really "visitor friendly" unless your visitors really like cleavage. Which I tend to have plenty to go around.

Over the weekend I did receive the ebay auction that I have been waiting on for over a month. Thank GOD! So I washed all the lil girl clothes and then held them up for Evan who assisted in veto-ing all the ugly ones, and veto-ed the ones that had the word "princess" or "ballerina" on them. We did let one really cute outfit that said "Cheerleader" go through, but it was against our best judgment.

Over the weekend I also convinced myself that I will still love my daughter as much if she comes out with brown hair. Nothing against people with brown hair. Really. But I would rather have her look like me with blonde or reddish hair than be cursed with brown hair like the rest of both our families. Evan seems to think she will have blonde hair, but I am not convinced that some cruel trick will be played and she will have brown hair. But I will still love her. I promise.

This morning I forgot to leave a check for the cleaning people. Again. My pregnant brain is really starting to screw me over. LOL. Thank God we are in month 8 and have only TWO months left to go!

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Michelle said...

between freaky dreams and frequent potty trips ... pregnancy sleeping is joyous, isn't it?!

Enjoy your day off and have a happy 4th of july!

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