Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why must I WORK!?

Oh My God I was SOOOOO Freaking bored at work today. I wanted out. I wanted to take a nap. I wanted to read a book. I wanted to do ANYTHING but work or be at work.

Last night we ate tacos and then we assembled the armoire for the nursery. It went well, and Evan only blew a gasket once. It looks super cute in the room and I had fun putting stuff "away" even though it was too late for me to do too much. I was sore and tired when I trodded off to bed, and Evan tucked me in with a cold glass of water. Then I tried my hypnobirthing CD out, which I got yesterday at my Dr. Appointment, and was pleasantly surprised that I was "hypnotized" the first time. It was strange, because I remember that my limbs felt all fuzzy and thick and WIDE and I couldn't help but feel this deja-vu like I had been this way before. except that I can't for the life of me think of how or when. It was a little scary for me, because I was alone and I remember thinking "If I keep listening to her, what if I never wake up again" but I think I eventually got over that. But the best thing would have been to just go to sleep at the end, but I was afraid too, in case I never woke up again. So I let her count me back out of it and then I went to sleep on my own. Freaky. I am supposed to do that every night so I will let you know how that goes.

My appointment yesterday was great, Evan came as usual and I was so glad to see Angie again. She was exhausted from late night deliveries since she got back from vacation. No one mentioned if I gained weight... but I think based on the scale and my recollection of last time I may have gained 1 pound. My Blood Pressure was good. My "fundal height" (like a length of the uterus) was 34" which apparently compared to other people was plenty long.... which matches with the fact that the baby was measuring 3 pounds 4 ounces and "long" at an ultrasound over a week ago. But I am a tall person too, so I suppose I just have a longer torso for my uterus to expand into.

Angela Joan emailed me a funny Budweiser commercial clip about a swear jar at work, and it made me laugh. I had to share it. I wish I were smart enough to get it on here but I do not feel like trying to figure it out. So I will just provide you with a you tube link and you can check it out there.

I know a lot of Angela's. I will try to keep them straight so as to not confuse you. I have a co-worker/scrapbooking friend Angela and a midwife friend Angela and a life-long friend Angela and a cousin Angela. Holy cow, eh? It's kinda like all the Sara(h)'s that I know.

What does it take to get a really good pedicure? Well usually it takes Trish up at Rita's but since she's been of having her baby, I have been going to Ariva in Peru. Brooke gives a great pedicure, and I really love her massages and the conversation, and the soaking.... but she never cleans under your nails, and the polish is all chipping off after less than 2 weeks, even with a top coat. I inquired to Trish about this and she said that her polish also chipped from Ariva, and at Sophisticuts. Trish suggests it's all about prepping the nail prior to polish. Hmm. So now I am frustrated because although I am in bad need of a pedicure, I have one scheduled for July 12th. Which is fine, I can touch up paint and wait, but I have my baby shower on August 5th and I want my toes pretty but I KNOW that the polish will be long gone by then, and Trish won't be back yet, so I guess I will have to schedule another pedicure literally like two weeks from my pedicure on the 12th, in order to have pretty feet for my shower. Well, I guess that two pedicures in your 8th month of pregnancy isn't a BAD thing.... but if it were a Trish Pedicure, that damn polish would still be there almost two months later. I miss you Trish!! My toes miss you!

Sooo. let's see.... what else? Tonight mom is coming over and we will work on baby announcements. That's about it. I am so glad to be finished with work today, I just thought it would never be over!

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Michelle said...

Your baby announcements are totally adorable!

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