Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Fiver and More

Could this be? A DAILY Blog? Holy Cow!~
Let's start with the Friday Fiver...1. When do you doubt yourself?
When I think about my pain tolerance and how I will deal with an un-medicated childbirth.
2. Who do you owe an apology?
He. He he. Um.... Some guy named Nick who I ditched once on a date. I didn't even know him but boy did he know me. He called me and called me until I finally gave in and agreed to go out with him and then I canceled on him at the last minute. I felt bad but I didn't even KNOW the guy and it made me uncomfortable.
3. When is the last time you felt embarrassed?
Um. It's hard to be embarrassed when you are pregnant. Because all kinds of crazy shit happens and everyone gets to look at all parts of your body. But probably more embarrassed by things that my husband sees me screw up, and things that he sees me forget.
4. What do you ignore?
I work in IT. So mostly I ignore it when other people bitch about computers and technology (and believe me that happens alot) and I ignore it when they blame their entire life's problems on computers and act as though computers are preventing them from being productive and doing their jobs. I just know better. But in IT you become "that person to bitch at" and so you let it slide as much as you can. It's usually not personal - you don't have anything against the computer user, but it's a vital skill for survival in the IT/Helpdesk world. It's sometimes the only thing that keeps you from snapping.
5. Do you love yourself?
I do love myself. And what I love most about myself is that I get to have my husband who is wonderful and that we get to have a baby who will also be wonderful. The best part about me is often the people around me.

Well that was fun! Not too bad of questions for Friday. I almost didn't think any of them were retarded. Today was ANOTHER Busy day at work. I didn't get to go home and relax last night like I wanted. I ran beads and Shrek DVD's to Anya's and wanted to stay and chat but I had to be at Evan's parents for supper, and I had the burgers with me so I couldn't screw around. I swam a little bit, at least I got myself wet from the waist down and walked around the pool... and we relaxed until the bugs started biting and eating me alive. Apparently pregnant chicks are fabulously tasty, what with all that extra blood circulating through their bodies.

So I didn't get home till about 10pm... and then I brought the dogs in and fed and watered them, and hauled stuff in from the car and hung up my suit to dry, and started packing my hospital bag. It was actually pretty fun and much easier than I thought it would be. The best part was stashing those tiny newborn socks and 3 newborn diapers into the diaper bag for the first time. It's almost 10 weeks till the due date and that is SOON! LOL. This morning I got ready and the dogs hung out in the house with me. Then I went to the bank and signed papers to finish off my car loan, which I will have paid off in just two more payments (thank god! After 5+ years!) and then I went to work for the day. Work was okay, kinda busy. I had lots of stuff that I had said all week "I can do that on Friday" and wouldn't you know that meant I had to do them today.

I also got to talk to my dad today on the phone, his Father's Day gift and card had arrived in the mail to surprise him, and I talked to mom a bit too. This evening I ordered the Armoire for the baby's room from Target, I saved 15% off the purchase and it should be here by July 1st so that dear Evan can assemble it and I can start to wash clothes and hang things up. That should take care of the last piece of furniture and the last little corner of the nursery that needs to be together... and then we can hang stuff on the walls. One thing that I didn't really think about until after ordering it, is that I had envisioned sitting some things on top of the armoire. Things that were cute but that baby might not be able to reach for a long long time... and now I see that the one I picked out has a beautifully curved and graceful top.... not especially surface friendly for knick-knacks. Darn. On to plan B. Which I am sure to develop soon.

Tonight I will just be staying home, focusing on laundry and dishes, and perhaps some other organizational things that will help prepare for baby, and in the short term, help prepare for the cleaning people on Monday.

Everyone have a fabulous weekend!

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