Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Sun'll come out.... tomorrow....

Tuesday. It's kinda been an icky day. Not completely icky, but just pieces of icky. I woke up snappy because a) I didn't want to get up b) I had to let the dogs out c)I found an entire load of good clothes that had been taken out of the dryer and instead of hung up, wadded into a giant ball in the hamper again d) I didn't want to work anyway.

I got ready for work. I was shaving *somewhere* that I can't see anymore because I had a OB appointment today, and I caught my FINGERNAIL with my razor and almost had a fucking heart attack from the pain and the freak out factor of the whole incident. I immediately put the razor away and tried not to even look at it for the remainder of my short shower, because it made me want to gag.

I received a call on my cell phone from a lawyer claiming that I had a returned check from my personal account in December of 2006 for $65.12 and since I "haven't taken care of it" they are planning on taking legal action and at this point in time I owe them $215.12 (yeah!) And so I start to investigate because I thought the check had cleared and all was taken care of, and it freaks me out that 6 months later someone who I have never heard of calls me and says that I owe them $215 for a $65 check that I thought was cleared and fine. So I spent some time on the phone with my bank, this new "law firm" and eventually my lawyer, making an appointment next week to determine what's wrong here. Ugh. What a mess!

THEN I have an OB appointment, and I don't get to see my regular midwife, but her OB, who is small and tiny and very weight conscious, and makes me feel bad about how I am not skinny enough and how I have gained 4 pounds in the last two weeks.... even though that's a total of 10 pounds gained in the first 28 weeks of pregnancy... which is EXCELLENT. And of course on top of that, Evan and I cross paths and he is sitting in the waiting room waiting for me and when I get there 5 minutes before my appointment, he was already worried and left to look for me (without telling anyone!), and so we miss each other and I get through my entire appointment and leave the office and then run into him and when he discovers that he missed the appointment he is all upset and pissed and then gets me all upset like it's my fault until I just want to CRY.

So, yeah. Interesting day.

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Michelle said...

What a poopy day - I home tomorrow is more Sun-Shiney for you!

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