Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Again?

Wow... have I been slacking! So So Sorry! Last weekend was so super busy! I think the week was pretty busy too!

Saturday morning I bought CROCS Sandals (black on black)! Ahhh! Can you believe it? Me, the anti-croc! But the sandals don't look like Crocs and they are comfy and they wash off easy. I like them. They are too wide for me overall... and the piece that goes between your toes is a little too fat and leaves marks, but I am pretty much used to them now. After that I went to the Seatonville Greenhouse Auction and bought some plants and container plantings. Evan's brother bought some and I also bid on some for my "neighbor" Pat and so I had LOTS to load up and lots to get home. After 4.5 hours of standing at the auction and loading up all those plants, I spent the afternoon planting and watering, and I weeded two flower beds. Then I re-arranged the nursery. Sunday I picked up around home and we took the baby crib out of the box and carried it to the nursery. Monday I worked and took off early for a nap because I wasn't feeling well and had been up most of the night with BAD heartburn that lasted till about Wednesday. And in the middle of that bout I ran OUT Of Zantac and the pharmacy wasn't open in the morning before work so I could get more.

Monday night we assembled the crib. I added the bedding and the mobile and crib soother- and the nest full of puppies too! It's so freaking cute I have to go in there like 3 times a day to just look at it.

Tuesday and Wednesday were long days that I spent in a classroom for work, and Evan was in Des Moines for work. Wednesday night I watched Shrek 2 and last night I saw Shrek 3.

Tonight I plan on doing some shopping, I want to get Evan some new clothes for Father's Day, although Ardyn already "bought" something for him, just from her. (it will go with THIS and THIS that we already have at home) I also need to buy ingredients for Crock Pot Lasagna and Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole because Saturday morning I am getting a pedicure and then going to Evan's family Reunion, and we need to take some food to pass. Then Saturday night there is a cookout for my sister Liz's boyfriend Brian's birthday. Plenty to do! Sunday we will be getting invites for the baby shower (august 5th) put together and ready to mail out.

So really I have had plenty to do!

Now on to the Friday Fiver:

1. Are you attracted to the naughty or the nice?
Naughty, but only if I can conquer them and make them nice.

2. Do you let your dirty laundry pile up?
Well, yes. But with maternity clothes you only have like enough underwear for a week or so, which makes it difficult for anything to pile up. I am more on top of it now than before.

3. What's the last excuse you made?
Hmmm. To myself or someone else? I never make excuses! LOL.

4. Do you play it safe or do you take risks?
I love to be safe. I am paranoid and I am sure that bad things are out there waiting for me and my loved ones. I like to play it safe. But I have my own ways of living dangerously. Like ignoring the dress code, for example.

5. Friday fill-in:
Let's go to Target and Shop.

This is an interesting fill in. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to say. It reminds me of my favorite pick-up line of all time, which I learned in college. "wanna get a pizza and fuck?" and then when the person says no, you answer "You don't like pizza?!"

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