Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Sometimes people piss me off. They do very smallish things that a pregnant person can be very annoyed by. And once I am annoyed by a smallish thing, it seems that everything that person does for the rest of the day just GRINDS me and annoys the piss out of me. Why?

So last night we went fishing. I caught a couple of decent sized bass. We didn't keep any though. But it was fun. My first cast of the night I lost everything to some cattails.... bobber, steel leader, hook, worm, etc. My second cast I gave up on all that crap and went with the moss mouse because there was too much moss and weeds around the edges of the pond. The second cast I caught a big bass, and the third cast I caught an even bigger bass. But hey, enough fish stories.

So even though it was almost 11 when I got home, I had to take a bath because of the bug spray and the itchy ankles from the weeds, and because I wanted to inspect for ticks and soak my head in case they were in there. So I didn't get to bed till late (again) and that made me tired this morning. Evan promises that TONIGHT is the night to assemble the armoire for the baby room. And this afternoon we have a Dr. appointment at which time I get to see my midwife again since she has been on vacation and I didn't see her at my last appointment, so it's been 4 weeks since I have seen her.

Evan took some 30 week pictures of me on Saturday, before I went to the benefit. They didn't turn out too bad. Ever since he got his digital camera, he has been pretty avidly taking pictures, and every once in a while he will have the camera.

There are more photos and more fishing photos too, on my flickr photostream.

I also have to say that I hate it when people give things away on bureau county freecycle and they don't give enough details. It's never anything I want, but at the same time, it's like, how can anyone KNOW if they want it? Like this chick who always has a "bag of women's clothes" to give away, and NEVER says what size they are. Now who in their right mind is gonna drive to Spring Valley to pick up a bag of clothes from someone they don't even know, without knowing the SIZE of the clothes? And then there's the lady who says "I have a computer to give away that was left in my basement and we found it when we moved in 3 years ago." okay. Computer is a BROAD term. Is this like a Tandy? An old Apple? A Commodore? Perhaps an IBM PCjr? I understand that people don't know much about computers but for god's sakes most of them at least have a LABEL on them.

And probably even worse is that one guy. The one who, every week, has a new thing he wants. Like "I need a digital camera." or "I need a flat screen computer monitor" and then two weeks later it's "I need a Nokia (insert model number here) cell phone." Wanted "laptop"... and then every few weeks there is some incredibly insane item that he "needs" that no one in their right mind is going to have and just give to some guy via email. Come on and get with the program folks.

And then the same lady that wants the clothes spent a month on freecycle trying to furnish her home. One week she needed dishes and silverware. Then she wanted any kitchen items. Then it was a couch. Then it was "beds" and then it was a dining room table. It's like "jeez lady, do you think we don't catch on to you?"

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Michelle said...

I agree with freecycle - I participate in the local one here and most people are down right greedy. Irritating.

You look good in your picture by the way!

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