Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Today's like.... what... Wednesday? Yeah. Wednesday.

I guess halfway through the week isn't half bad. Last night we did a whole lotta nothing. When I got home I went through the bill basket and paid a shitload of bills. Anya stopped over to get some paperwork for our daycare provider, she's gonna check her out and Ava might go to the same place that Ardyn does. Evan brought home KFC, and biscuits and mashed taters. Yum. I wasn't feeling tip-top so I just had once piece of chicken and then the taters and biscuits.

The dogs came inside and raised holy hell with their stinky fur and tainted breath. Wow they need to go to the groomers. BADLY. I pity the fool who pets them unknowingly. The outside of our house is a festival of weeds, growing thick and unruly. It's too hot for a pregnant chick to care, but I am telling you, WHY must we have more weeds than anyone? WHY! It is a source of daily frustration. One of those things that you wake up at 3am and can't get back to sleep over.

I think I spent most of the night watching pointless TV reruns and lying on the couch, which really was only about 2 hours, before going to sleep. Of course for some reason I was awake at about 3:45 and couldn't get back to sleep till 4:30, after I had peed 15 different times, drank another glass of water, roamed around the house in my underwear, turned the AC down, lay in bed for 15 minutes, then turned it back up. Then finally got my iPod out and plugged it into the wOOfer and listened to some relaxing music which apparently put me to sleep finally.

Tonight I have no idea what I might not accomplish. Yesterday I made a huge list of things I still want to accomplish before the baby gets here. Whoa. Not nearly gonna happen. Although I have ordered the last of the supplies (cardstock!) needed to make the baby announcements. So that should occupy me for a while. And although I have like THOUSANDS of bracelets to make from my bead retreat party, I don't seem to be in any real big hurry to do that either... But I figure that is something that I can do in my leisure, while on Maternity leave or while snowed in this winter. Not a huge deal. I have the rest of my life, right?

Another of my big things to accomplish is to find SOMEONE who does car detailing. SOMEONE That I can trust to not put swirls in my black paint job and who will make the inside of my car sparkle. Kevin Blanford used to be that guy. Auto Bright Detailing is no longer and it makes me so freaking sad. There is enough dog hair in my car from vet trips that if I put a baby in there she'll get a hairball. And vacuuming just doesn't really make it all go away. I need a detail. It's bad. I tried to call Motor over at Wyanet Body shop to see if he knows of anyone or if any of his guys do detailing on the side... and I am just WAITING to hear back. I am so impatient.

I am also waiting for the armoire to get here, and an amazon order with some new books to read (Including a Baby Care Reference Book, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, and Birthing from Within) and the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD... and the Itzbeen baby timer, which my mom and older moms everywhere make fun of, but then again they didn't have a dad who would help feed and change the baby and they didn't work full time AND take care of a baby. I think it will be helpful. It helps you keep track of when the last feeding, diaper change, nap, etc. happened, and if you fed on the right or left (breast feeders) etc. It also tracks last medicine doses, etc. And mom and dad can both use it. I think it's a cool invention and that we will use it alot in the first few weeks. What I hate the most is how LONG it apparently takes for an amazon or target order to SHIP. I mean come ON! Does it need to take you one-two weeks to get the shit shipped? I don't think it should!

So what else. Hmm. I still need to designate a spot in the kitchen for bottles and baby accessories. I have an idea, but it's like MAN where will I put the shit that's in that spot now? Ugh. Babies make you wish your house was bigger. I figure with breastfeeding it will be a while before I need to worry about bottles, but that doesn't mean we don't HAVE them. But this does mean I have a breast pump and breast milk storage supplies, etc. So I will probably need to stash those in the cupboard. And there will be bibs, and eventually spoons too, and then someday baby food.

Well, that's probably enough blabber for now. See you tomorrow maybe?

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Michelle said...

My pediatrician recommended the Happiest Baby on the Block with my 2nd baby and it works!

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