Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday already???

Monday! Whoo-Hoo!


At least I remembered to blog! The weekend was nice. Friday night I went shopping and got Evan some new clothes for father's day. He dropped a pant size and quit smoking AND it's Father's Day. I got him 4 shirts and a pair of shorts and some brown flip flops.

I got me a pair of flip flops for free (for buying his) and a new headband, and another pair of black dress pants (maternity) so that makes two pair and that's a good thing!

I also bought 10 baby hangers (plastic) and picked out the umbrella stroller that I wanted on my registry. And I ate supper at the club with Amethyst and Evan made my dinner.

Saturday was soooo super busy. I had a pedicure in the morning and then went right to Evan's family reunion. Then I went to a cookout at my sister's and then right back to Evan's family in the evening. We got home around 10:30 pm and I was so exhausted I could hardly function. I went to bed and slept like a rock (a rock that pees every hour or two) and then was able to sleep till 9:30 on Sunday. Sunday I just didn't feel right. Kinda cranky, tired, had a pain on my left side, and really unmotivated. I ended up going through a stack of pregnancy and childcare magazines and tearing out what I wanted, and getting rid of the rest. I researched digital thermometers for the baby. I compiled a "medicine cabinet" list of meds and supplies that I wanted for the baby.

Evan went golfing and brought me Chicken Soft Tacos for supper. I washed my first ever load of baby items, all the blankets, washcloths, hooded towel, burp rags, crib and bassinet sheets. I then learned how difficult it is to change a crib sheet when the mattress is in the infant position and there is a bumper involved. And then I cut all the care tags off the blankets and washcloths and folded them into soft and sweet little piles.

I also went to Wal-Mart and returned three pieces of clothing, and then I bought a big glass apothecary jar and filled it with baby medicine items such as infants mylicon, tylenol, motrin, saline nose drops, orajel daytime and nighttime formula, vaseline, baby nail clippers, cotton swabs, and cotton rounds for baby eye care and umbilical cord cleaning. It was fun and the jar is so super cute all full of goodies. I feel so much better having used all my coupons and being ready with supplies to make caring for a sick baby a little easier.... and less expensive!

So after my Wal-mart trip I went and got a Waffle Crisp Blizzard at DQ. This was my second time having it, and I tell you, I love it. This time I loved it even more because the first time the kid didn't put much in it, it was more ice cream than blizzard. This time it was LOADED with caramel chocolate and waffle cone pieces. Yum! It hit the spot!

So now that it's Monday, husband and I are planning on what to do this week. We have a few movies that we want to catch up on, and we are having a fish fry with his family some night this week and look forward to that. So even though it's Monday, and I am not feeling tip top, (left side aches still) I am gonna probably make it through the week okay. Especially since my friend PG will be in town and so will others like TD. It should be a fun week!


Michelle said...

geez, girl! What are your friends gonna need to buy you when you have a baby shower?! Sounds like you are ready ... which is a good thing! And changing crib sheets, not at the top of my favorite list - a back ache and a half!

PCinAZ said...

Have to agree about changing those crib sheets. Definitely not the easiest thing to do. Sounds like you have begun your "nesting" instinct well in advance. Good idea. With my 2nd one (now 16) I was doing laundry the night before I went into labor because I didn't have anything clean (never thought he would actually arrive on his due date!).

Keep enjoyin' those DQ Blizzards! You deserve it Mommy! :)

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