Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Stuff

Sunday. So Soon. It makes me want to cry! Where has the weekend gone!? What about my time AWAY from work? Evan hasn't been feeling well this weekend, has had a pretty much constant headache/migraine that caused him to be nauseous/sick yesterday. So I have been pretty much on my own. Yesterday I took a bath. Then I made a prototype of the Baby announcements so that I can work off that one and make sure it's how I want it before I cut 50 thousand pieces of paper out. It's so freaking adorable. I will post pictures later, because that's what I want to do. Then I had to go to work and do the weekend duties, but first I ran top Wal-Mart and bought $112 worth of crap. It wasn't really crap. I bought milk and bread. Then I bought lotsa paper products to have on hand after the baby is born. 2boxes of kitchen garbage bags, one box of really cheap generic ones to put recycleables in, and 1 package of the smaller bags for the bathroom/bedroom/nursery garbages. Then I bought 2 things of toothpaste, 2 BIG packages of paper plates and a bag of plastic forks (no dishes for a new mommy!) and laundry detergent, dishwasher soap, etc etc. I still have a few things to stock up on, but hopefully this will help alleviate wal-mart trips and $$ that I will have to spend when I don't have any $$. I bought an 8 pack of paper towels and a 24 roll pack of toilet paper, although we will need much more TP than that. I have 12 packages of diapers and 5 diaper genie refills, plus a while basket full of samples (diapers and baby wash, etc) that I got from the hospital.

And I have all kinds of pacifiers and baby wash, lotion, and those disposable baby washcloths that you use for their first bath before they can have a tub bath. I feel prepared.

Last night was the Landon Smith Benefit at the Rediger Auction Building. I love auctions. I guess that's part of being a Johnson. I have to tell you that is the best benefit I have ever attended. They sure know how to throw a party. Between the food, the beer gardens, the silent and live auctions, the tip boards, the 50/50 auction, and all the other activities like the live band and the fireworks, it was a good time. I got to see lots of people that I haven't in a while (being pregnant tends to make you a shut-in) and was especially happy to see Trish- as today is her due date and I haven't gotten to talk to her in about 2 months. I drank 4 bottles of water, and had a great pulled pork sandwich. I didn't bid on anything because most of it was wayyy out of my price range, but that's a good thing because that means more money for Jamie and Jason. I did really covet the Pioneer Wagon with the wooden sides, but I don't need it yet, and I know Teske's will take good care of it.

My favorite part of the auction were the pies. Evan's great aunts... Rita, Phyllis, and Margie... made pies and they were selling for $200 a pie, and then the owner of Skoonerz in Princeton took his pie, cut it up into pieces, ate one for himself and donated the rest back to the auction and they sold for $35 a slice. I could see Rita, Phyllis, and Margie getting a real kick out of their pies going for $200 each. It was fun. Jason and Vicky Jaggers donated a monthly meat bundle from Wyanet Locker.... That's $80 of meat per month for an entire year. That was an awesome idea, and it went for good money, as it should have. There were quite a few generous donors and buyers, and I hope that it made the benefit very successful. I did get to see Landon in person for the first time, since he hasn't been home each time I have been down the street to Jamie's. Sometime I would like to hold him, but last night he was a busy little guy. And I guess before long I will have my own to hold. But I havent got to hold a baby since Ava was born, and that's been over a year. I am itchy. Maybe I can hold Trisha's when he is born.

This morning Evan still has a headache, and I am dying to assemble the armoire, but instead I forced myself to just relax about it and work on Baby announcements. I cut 50 6x6 squares in pale plum, and then 50 5x5 squares in White... and then I started on the 50 smoky plum squares in 5.5x5.5 inches. Whew. I got tired of cutting so I stamped the word "welcome" 50 times. After I cut the smoky plum squares, that leaves 50 scalloped circles to be punched out of plum, and 50 regular circles to be punched out in white.... and then 50 six inch lengths of plum grosgrain ribbon cut. Then I have to stamp 50 fleur and swallow backgrounds, 100 scrolls, and 50 tiny handprints. Assemble. Repeat. I figure in one-two weeks I will be finished. Then I will address envelopes (which I still have to buy) and be ready! And then I will painstakingly get the baby's information on them, mail them out, and everyone will look at them for a week and throw them in the garbage. Ahhh Ironic, eh?

This week I have plenty to look forward to. Monday I am going fishing, Tuesday my midwife is back in town so I have an appointment, and mom will come over one night and sit with me and probably assist in punching out circles while I work on stamping baby announcements. I will go to work every day, attend Lisa's bead party on Friday, attend a 4th of July Cookout on Sunday, and hopefully hang up tiny outfits in the newly assembled armoire. Once the armoire is done we can finally hang stuff on the walls in the baby's room and it will be officially "FINISHED!!"

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