Thursday, June 21, 2007

Big Girls Don't Cry

Well, today has started off as one of sadness. It's gloomy and overcast with no sign of the sun. I went to get the mail this morning and my June Coloriffic Swaporama package had arrived from portugal and I was super excited, until the postmaster told me that the package had arrived empty on both ends. When I opened it up, EVERYTHING but two items was gone. I was so so saddened. The picture of what was originally included in the package is below....

It just made me feel sick because the only things that got through were the magazine and the smiley stress ball. She had worked so hard to make the baby bib and included all the goodies that I couldn't wait to see, and then they are all "gone" and no one can offer any explanation whatsoever as to what happened. I feel sad.

Evan got me the Dirty Dancing 20th Anniversary Soundtrack, that has way more than the original soundtrack, and so this morning I popped that in for the first time today and the first song made me cry like a baby (damn hormones) which was fitting because the song was "Be my baby" and then the next song was even more fitting and stopped my crocodile tears "Big Girls Don't Cry." How Ironic, eh? So I am thrilled with the CD already.

So that's all for the icky morning. Besides that I seem to be okay. Still have an icky stomach, which I have had for like DAYS but I think it's just because all of my insides are squished.

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