Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day.

Sunday. Father's Day. The day before the cleaning people come and I have to race around the house and pick shit up. Ugh.

Let's start with Friday night, which I anticipated I would spend at home. I ended up going to Mineral to watch my sister LIz play softball for the Michlig Ag team and then the Dawg House team showed up so I got to talk to people from the hometown (my current hometown) which was nice. Had a hot dog. Then after the game mom and I were at my house and we got the totes of baby clothes out and decided what that I have could be considered unisex and what is "girl" specific. We sorted all of the 0-3 months clothes into two clothes baskets, one that I can wash right now and one that she will take with her and not wash until the baby is born and we are SURE it's a girl. After 4 ultrasounds it's still a girl, so that is a good thing.

Saturday morning we had to get up early and go to prepared childbirth classes. I am really glad that we went but I have to say I was frustrated that it seems everyone but me thinks it's a better idea to have an epidural the second your water breaks than to try out labor and try relaxation techniques and waterbirth and hypnobirthing and see if you can do without. But I guess that's to be expected.

For lunch on Saturday we got to come back to Wyanet to the Community Club cookout at the locker. My hamburger seemed smallish, and I could have ate three, but I will chalk that up to the fact that I am pregnant and that all food seems small, and to the fact that I REALLY wanted a hot dog but told myself that two meals in a row consisting of hot dog weren't the best option. Although now that I think of it, Friday night I ended up eating half of a small Casey's Veggie pizza because the hot dog didn't do shit for me. LOL.

Saturday afternoon Evan suggested that I take a bath. Not because I was stinky but because I haven't had one in almost a month, because I have had to take showers. I enjoyed the bath immensely, and re-read a pregnancy buyer's guide. Then we got ready and went to Peru, where we saw the movie "knocked up" with Katherine Heigel. It was EXCELLENT and Evan commented afterwards that he went into it prepared for a chick flick but thought that it was awesome and would recommend it to anyone, and that it was really true to life... what with the dealing with becoming a parent and learning to sacrifice for your wife and children. We laughed so hard at lots of things in the movie, and I cried of course about 10 times, because that's what hormones do. I even cried during childbirth class. I don't know what makes me cry more, seeing the baby finally born or seeing the dad support the mom in delivery. SO anyway I used all the napkins from the popcorn to sop up the tears through the movie.

Then we ran to Target because there were a few things that I wanted to add to the baby registry that you can't add online, like baby spoons and bibs and some blankets and such. We bought some stuff that I had coupons for, diaper rash cream, baby lotion, a pack of 4 pink and white burp cloths. Evan got scanner happy and was looking at toys for a toddler, but I had to stop him and remind him that this is a BABY registry. Of course I wanted to add the "Happiest Baby on the Block" DVD to the registry, and although they have it online, you can't add it to your baby registry. WTF? and of course they didn't have it in store for me to add either. Damn. I know there's the book but I have read enough books and I want something that stressed out new parents can just pop into the DVD Player. I ended up calling Target for help adding the damn DVD.

What really pissed me off, was that I scroll through the 15 toll free numbers on their website to find the exact number that I am supposed to call for Gift Registries, and then dial it, and then I have to go through a 5 option menu and gift registries aren't even an OPTION on that menu, so I have to wait on hold for a person that then tells me that I need to be transferred to the gift registry department.. and then I get to a guy who barely speaks ENGLISH and keeps trying to walk me through accessing a number that doesn't exist and it very quickly becomes clear to me that I know more about Target's website than he does. ARGH. But in the end, the DVD couldn't get added to the registry because it's an AMAZON item and not a Target item. Whatever. They sholdn't be affiliated at all if they can't make it work. Bastards.

So after at the end of our Target trip last night I was having this really annoying pain in my upper belly, and I kept rubbing and rubbing it and Evan keeps asking if I am okay, and I tell him I am but that it hurts, and that when we get home I am drinking some water an lying down. When we got home, he felt the spot where it hurt and was insantly freaked out by the knot that you could feel there, and that knot has been there all week. I assume that it's an internal organ of mine that's squished, and Evan says "I thought you told me that lump didn't HURT!?" and I said "it didn't hurt until now" and so I ended up lying down in bed at 9pm, watching the last hour of Pirates of the Caribbean on cable, until I fell asleep at about 10pm and slept till 11am today. So. 13 hours of sleep later I am feeling much more refreshed. SO I talked to mom on the phone, took a long bath, and then proceeded to lie on the couch in my underwear and with a towel on my head and continue reading my book (Nicholas Sparks "A Bend in the Road") until Evan got up from what he called "the great Father's Day sleep-in."

Now he is getting me food because I am STARVING and I need energy to sustain me so that I can pick up the mess around here and get organized. I just don't have the energy to accomplish right now, so I guess I will go back to reading my book.

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