Monday, June 25, 2007


I am wayyyyy too tired to still be awake. I have been recording shows on the travel channel, like "Great American Log Homes" and "Amazing Houseboats" and now "Lake Front Escapes."

In the meantime, I have cleaned the linen closet and the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. They were beginning to be a nightmare. Okay, okay, they WERE a nightmare. If I am to be honest, I haven't cleaned them since we before we remodeled sometime.... so I guess that would be before we got married, before we remodeled, probably in the spring of 2005. Ack!

Guess I am nesting. LOL. I wanted to fit the baby bath stuff in the linen closet with our stuff. I pitched a whole BIG garbage bag of crap. Outdated meds, old lotion, almost empty shampoos, etc. It's insane! Well... here is a pic of the medicine cabinet.... and a pic of the linen closet.... eat your heart out organizers! LOL. Now I need sleep!!!

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