Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

Thursday. Not Friday. Yet. Just 2 more hours! LOL. Today was BUSY and I could feel my hands and feet swelling! They aren't really "noticeably" swollen but man does it make me uncomfortable. That tingly swollen feeling. Ugh.

So today I got an awesome box from ebay, loaded with sippy cups, baby spoons, and halloween onesies. YAY! After work we had our Intro to Breastfeeding Class and it was great. I learned things even though I have read two books. Evan and I went out for supper at the Red Apple (yum) and then I ran to Wal-mart to AGAIN try to buy dog food. They have been out for THREE WEEKS. How ridiculous to be two hours from a distribution center and be out of IAMS Dog food for three weeks? It's insanity. So tonight there was three bags of the kind we get, but no 40 pound bags, and then they tell me it has been "dropped" from their inventory.

I also bought my standard bi-weekly Giant Pack of Pampers Wipes Refills and Pampers Diapers. And some socks for Evan. I didn't get home till almost 9:30. Ugh. Something tells me I will be sleeping in no time. I fed the dogs and put stuff away, and put on my pajamas.

I am excited for the weekend, because I have nowhere I have to be. Yeah! And it puts me one week closer to my baby shower.

Hope everyone else is still kicking this week!

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