Wednesday, July 25, 2007

She looks like BOTH of us!

Hmmmm. Wednesday. If I make it through the week without smacking anyone it will be a miracle. Monday a woman at work said to me "You look puffy. Like in the face." Um. Thanks? WTF? Monday afternoon another woman at work said "When are you due. You have been looking really pregnant for a long time now...." Okay. Whatever. And then there is a co-worker who, when she sees me, has to shout down the hall to me "Hey 'Preggo One'!" You know, because once you become pregnant you cease to have a name. And you like it when people shout down hallways at you. Ugh. I am so glad my midwife wrote me off work 1 week before my due date. I had better not go early because I am gonna need an entire week to get people and work out of my head so that I am rested and relaxed.

I wrote about yesterday's Dr. appt on the baby blog. Today I got a few 3D pictures to share with you... and I will put them on Flickr by tomorrow so you can see what she looks like. At yesterday's appt I thought she looked like Evan, but once I got to see her in 3D, I can now say that I think she has my nose and another person thinks she has my mouth... but I think she looks like Evan in the forehead and brow, and perhaps her eyes even though they are closed.... and when she pouts it certainly looks like Evan! But of course she's super cute, and yesterday the tech exclaimed that she has LOTS of hair, and we could even see it on the Ultrasound. She's 5 pounds 5 ounces, and measuring 1 week ahead, and she is head down, lying on her right side, and her head is low (But I could have told you all that just from knowing where her butt and her feet/hands are!) So all is well, and most of all she is definitely a girl!~ and a healthy one!

Tonight we had our waterbirth class and tomorrow night is the intro to breastfeeding class. I can't wait till my prenatal massage this weekend, hopefully it helps to relax me. Getting my back cracked did wonders last week, and I think I could probably do it again.

We did some shopping after the Dr. appt yesterday. Evan picked out this fall outfit(for next fall) with a cute poncho/sweater, which I love, and we also got this fall onesie with pooh bear, and this cammo shirt for this winter (Evan found it!), and this pink shirt for this winter, and these socks, and some suction base feeding bowls, and this pink bikini for next summer at grandma's pool, and two sheet savers and two packs of lap pads. The stackable buckets that we love were on clearance for $6, and the diaper bag I have been SEARCHING for was finally found at Target in Peoria. It was the last one and it was on CLEARANCE! YAY!! So it was a nice afternoon and we ate supper at Ruby Tuesday's (we love their salad bar!!) and also went through Guitarland where Evan got new strings and Petsmart where we picked out new collars for the stinky dogs that live with us.

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