Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hell Hath No Fury Like the First Lady Scorned

Well, I meant to write sooner.

Friday night I ended up grabbing a few things at Wal-Mart and then going HOME. It was hot and I was so freaking tired! By 8:30 I had recouperated enough to put clothes on (I had been in pajamas) and get ready to go to Sheffield, where I met my parents to see the last of the Beatles Tribute Band. They were good. Then we went to 6&34 for a while (which I really enjoy as being smoke free) and then at like 11:30 I went home. My feet were killing me from standing. But I got to see some people, and my mom and dad and sister.

Saturday I slept. A lot. As long as I could. I think till like 10:30. Then I got up and made crock-pot lasagna and cleaned in the kitchen and did laundry. I brought in the dogs and fed them, I took a bath. That night we went to Jacksonfest. The food was great, and as usual the company was the best. Evan got asked to assist with fireworks setup and the launching, and got his pyrotechnics t-shirt. He really enjoyed it. It was a great show and lasted about 45 minutes! You don't get a private fireworks show like that! The music choices were great, I especially liked Jimi Hendrix Star Spangled Banner, Metallica's Enter Sandman, and Michael Jackson's Thriller.

We got home late and I slept from about 1am to 4am, and then was wide awake and extremely cranky until about 7:30 am when I fell back asleep till 1:30pm and felt much better rested. Sunday we hung out at home, in the AC. I took a bath, did more laundry, ran the dishwasher, etc. I watched my TIVO'd epsiode of Painkiller Jane in which I could not BELIEVE that they killed off Maureen, but was completely smitten by Connor and Jane's new "suburban life." I was just convinced that they would be brainwashed into having sex, especially after last week when he kissed her. That had me all hot and bothered.

Monday I got a call from my midwife that they were working on a phone consult with Maternal/Fetal Specialists in Peoria, and then I had my thyroid re-tested at their suggestion. Tuesday we had our regular Dr. Visit and the baby is big and growing and kicking and I guess I am having Braxton Hicks even though I can't feel them. My thyroid is still low. To read more about the visit and the course of action and our upcoming trip to the specialists at OSF In Peoria, read the detailed entry on the baby's website.

Tuesday night I had a pedicure and it was FABULOUS and now I have pretty sparkly pink toes that I didn't have to reach for. Although I DID have to pay for them. But the Money is worth it for the soak, scrub, and fabulous massage that goes with it! After my pedicure I bought some Hempz Sunless Tanning Lotion that you use every day (preggo treat!) and a new book to read, Barack Obama's book that he wrote back in like 1994 about his family and upbringing. I have really enjoyed what I have read so far. Reading his writing reminds me of reading Frank McCourt's writing, it's like he is sitting right there telling you the story. A couple of times I have had to ask Evan about a particular thing (he's excellent with history and trivia and facts) and twice I have thought that I should pull an Angela Joan and highlight or underline a couple of words to look up later. But that's what you get when you are reading a book by a well versed, articulate Harvard Law Graduate. this ain't George W's book, you know. And there's no Gore Potato/Potatoe going on in these pages.

I really don't get into politics much. I like only like politicians who I like as PEOPLE. Usually it's someone locally who I have known for a while, perhaps worked with, interacted with, and who I like and trust, and then if they get into politics I am more apt to support them. Something about Barack Obama I have liked from the beginning. Because I didn't live through the Kennedy Era, I can't really claim to know, but to me, it's like that. Barack has always felt like a real person to me. Someone down to earth and honest, and someone who can see many sides of many issues and really tries to make the best decision. Someone who is educated and who you would LIKE to carry on a conversation with, whether it be about politics or family or your favorite type of BBQ sauce. He's that guy. I think that I really identified with him when I read that his wife told him he wouldn't have her support in his presidential campaign unless he quit smoking first. Now that's a first lady that I can identify with. We need a first lady with balls. And I mean figuratively, not literally like Hillary. I want a first lady who tells it like it is. Not someone who pins on a tight smile and walks alongside her husband after he cheats on her with an intern. Sometimes I laugh when I think of that, because I would have locked Mr. Fucking President out of the White House. The Secret Service would have a hard time keeping my fury under wraps. Every perfectly tailored presidential suit would have been cut up with scissors and the Presidential Boxer shorts strewn about the perfectly manicured White House Lawn. Hell Hath No Fury like the First Lady Scorned.

So anyway, on my way home from my pedicure last night, I get behind this person, on the INTERSTATE with their windows down going 50mph in a 65. I wanted to pass but my exit was RIGHT there and then I realized that person was exiting and I would have to endure being behind them until my next passing opportunity. So I waited. And once I got on Route 6 again I went to pass in the first passing zone, and the person in the car stuck their arm out the window to "wave me by" as in "you have my permission to pass me now." Uh. Okay. Freak. So I thought "that's a crazy lady right there!" and then as I got closer, I thought... that might be a crazy man. or. woman? or. Not? And right then, what comes on the radio? Aerosmith's Dude (looks like a lady.) I thought I might pee my pants I was so entertained. It was like a sign from god. I laughed. That "lady" was waving her chubby arm out the window for me to pass and I just wanted to pee my pants. I would have given ANYTHING to have someone there at that moment.

So I stopped for Ice Cream. And that was my night!

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