Tuesday, July 03, 2007


What happened today? Hmmm. Well I still was feeling pretty exhausted, no matter how much I relaxed last night and how much I slept. I was tired when I got up, tired after I got ready for work, and when I stopped by the post office and bought stamps, I was EXHAUSTED and hot and out of breath when I got inside. WTF? By the time I got to work I was tired, and by the time I worked for an hour, I was really tired. That whole "my arms are like spaghetti and I can hardly pick them up" feeling. Eventually I ended up calling my midwife to check to see if I should actually FEEL this tired in the past few days. I was worried about being anemic... but she assured me that I passed that blood test recently. I did end up getting squeezed in for an appointment and checked out. My blood pressure was SLIGHTLY higher than at a regular appointment, but nothing too serious. I ended up going to OB and having a Non-stress test, which turned out well, and some bloodwork, including a CBC, Random Blood Sugar, and some Thyroid tests. All the test results came back good, and the thyroid test is still pending. I got to eat a late lunch around 2:15 and then the nurses said that my midwife called and said I could be released IF I went home and spent the rest of the day/night on bedrest. Before I left I got my blood pressure checked again, and after resting/lying down for about an hour and a half, it had considerably lowered, probably the lowest it has been at any appointment throughout my pregnancy.

So this afternoon I came home and read my book some, and then I tried to listen to my hypnobirthing CD. I got through the birth affirmations and as soon as the "relaxation" portion began, I must have fallen asleep. I took a nice nap and tonight we had Pizza from Monical's and then I watched "10 Things I hate about you" for the BAZILLIONTH time and then "BIG" for the BAZILLIONTH time.

My midwife called this afternoon and gave me a few ideas about relaxing and suggested slowing down at work and taking my blood sugar medicine on a different schedule to see if that might help. So that's what I will try. It will be hard to be this laid back for two more months... but if I have to do nothing to stay relaxed and not be tired all the time..... I can try for that.

Tomorrow we planned on going to fireworks after dark, but they may all get rained out. We will see. It will be nice to have the day off tomorrow for the 4th. I will sleep in and take a nap if I have to!

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