Sunday, July 22, 2007

This is my 1001st Post!

Yep, welcome to my 1001st post! Does that mean I have to make it good!?

The weekend is almost over. I hate that. I must tell poor Evan 10 thousand times a week how I don't want to work. LOL. Can't wait for the baby so I can stay home!

Friday night I went to Target and used 20 of my Target coupons for $1 off any two Gerber Baby/Toddler Foods. I got 40 things, some twin packs of Stage 1 foods in plastic, and some jars of Stage 2 foods... and two containers of puffs. My friend CB went to Target today and used 18 coupons. Exciting! And I have lots more coupons and can use them till August 15th. I also bought classic winnie the pooh divided dish and spoon. Too cute. I ate supper at Quiznos and grabbed a few cute Carter's outfits at Kohl's. I came home and mom and Liz came over and we finished all of the baby announcements (yeah!) and hung up clothes in the armoire in the baby room.

Saturday I slept till about noon, and took a bath, and Evan and I laid around all afternoon. At about 3:45 I went over to Anya's for her bead party, and made a bracelet, then I went to do my weekend duties at work and Evan and I grabbed some Wendy's. I had their Chicken Salad sandwich and a vanilla frosty/rootbeer float, which was DELICIOUS! Saturday night we brought Ava to our house for a few hours, and she played and played, and then fell asleep on the couch with Evan after watching some TV. Anya came over to pick her up, and then Evan and I watched some silly movies on cable, and had ice cream with chocolate syrup before I crashed at about midnight.

Today I was able to sleep till almost 11am and when I woke up I was ready to ACCOMPLISH! I wanted to organize. I wanted to clean. I wanted to cross things off that giant list in my head. I started laundry. I washed the bed sheets, I picked up the dining room table, I cleaned the scrapbook table, I cleared off the coffee table. I let the dogs in and fed them, and I wanted to clean the closet to the attic. Evan had things to do so he said we would do it later this week, and when he wasn't paying attention I decided to tackle it on my own. But, he caught me. And made me stop. So instead I sat down and worked on bead retreat bracelets. I had almost 20 kits to put together and I did 8 of them. That was a nice accomplishment.

Tonight I had to go to work again so I took a shower and ran to work, and then I went to Wal-Mart and bought some three totes. Two to put baby food in on the pantry shelves and one for other stuff. I also bought just a few home essentials (laundry soap, dryer sheets, deoderant) and they had EXCELLENT sales on fresh fruit. I bought 6 prunes for 75 cents, two packs of strawberries for less than $4, and two bags of green grapes for 98 cents PER BAG!

When I got home, I accidentally caught my finger in the screen door, while trying to get groceries and toilet paper inside. It got caught between the door and the wall, on the hinge side, and it hurt like hell. I almost cried it hurt so bad. It broke the skin in two places, started bleeding and throbbing and bruising right away. I ran my hand under cold water and put it on ice. Ugh. It still hurts as I type.

So tonight I should be switching laundry but I am totally enthralled by Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel. I probably shouldn't watch it because I feel like my blood pressure is probably sky high. AND a guy just went through the ice AND another guy is hauling the heaviest load yet, and it's freaking insane. The one guy has frostbite on his foot and the other guy's brakes failed and he crashed. This show is INSANE. It's over in seven minutes, which is good, because if I don't do laundry I won't have any clothes to wear tomorrow. LOL. What I can't believe is that when the guy broke through the ice, they let all the other truckers back up and sit and WAIT on the ice. WTF? How about you all turn around and get the fuck off the cracking ice? This is just too dramatic. And then of course they have to say that "next time" there are two rookies in trouble and only ONE survives! Ahh! When the 25 year old veteran driver Jay arrives at the DeBeers diamond mine after hauling the largest and heaviest load, he's been up for more than 24 hours and it was -42 degrees. Holy shit, eh?

Well, I should try to get to bed at a semi-decent time tonight, Monday I have an NST and a hypnobirthing session, Tuesday I have telephone training at work followed by our specialist's appointment and our 3-D Ultrasound in Peoria. Wednesday we have a waterbirth class, Tuesday I have another NST and then we have Intro to Breastfeeding. Luckily next weekend is another big relaxing one. All I have to do is get a prenatal massage on Saturday. YAY! My last one I imagine! Then the following week I have a pedicure, an appointment for hair cut/color, an appointment with my midwife, and two NST's. And then it's baby shower time!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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