Friday, July 13, 2007

Countdown to Crazy

I.... have.... the.... hiccups. I am used to the BABY having hiccups, but not me! The baby had them 3 times on Wednesday, once right in the middle of fetal monitoring. You could hear her hiccups and they were making her heart rate go up.

I am so freaking tired today! I don't understand! Must be the end of the week tired. Last night was a nice gathering at Evan's grandma's, and we got to see lots of his family that we hadn't in years. I loved talking to David and Suzan about their FEMA trailers and the work they have been doing the last two years to re-do their house after Katrina... the house they had just closed on and moved into before the hurricane hit.

We had great food, and the weather was super nice, but by 8:30 I was yawning so much I couldn't hardly stand it. I had came right from work, and I was running out of juice. I went home and put on pajamas and let the dogs in and fed them, and then I lay on the couch and watched some TV. I was beat! I was having cramping that may have actually been Braxton Hicks, so I drank two big glasses of cold water (thank you Culligan of Wyanet) and felt better. Evan and I watched some of the World Series of Pop Culture that Angela O. recommended, and of course Evan knew every answer. Damn him and his mindless trivia and knowledge of all things movie and music! It's insane! I ended up going to bed with the Hypnobirthing relaxation on my iPod and Evan went out to the garage and bless his heart, he emptied out my entire car, from glove box to trunk, so that it could be detailed today while I was at work.

I started to think back, and in the trunk are painted yellow Terra Cotta flower pots, which means that the trunk hasn't been cleaned out since before Carrie's wedding. That would be June of 2005. Yeah. Scary. So Evan did a good thing! He has cleaned the car itself out a couple of times since I have been preggo. But this time it was serious. Even the change tray and the center console were clean! I am excited because now that the car is detailed we can install the car seat and the new back of the seat organizer I bought (for all my new mom stuff) and then we can put my hospital bag in there. And since the trunk is clean, the stroller can travel with us too!

As of today, we are 23 days away from my baby shower, 30 days till this pregnancy reaches "term", 42 days till my maternity leave officially starts, and 51 days till my due date!

Not that I am counting. Or anything.

I am excited that Wyanet Days are here, but I am pretty sure that based on my tiredness, I am only going to participate on Saturday! Whew! Tonight I could, but I would really rather rest, and vacuum, do laundry, and run the dishwasher between resting. And watch Painkiller Jane. Of course. But tomorrow is the parade, and mom and dad are coming over, and we will go to the park for lunch, and Evan and I will probably go to the beer gardens that night, although I don't know how long I can be there comfortably, since it will be either standing or sitting on wooden boards tables. Maybe I could take my chair! LOL.

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