Friday, July 27, 2007

The last shopping trip.....

Well, today I got put on half days at work... and modified bedrest while I am at home. I was told a while back that it was coming, but it sorta snuck up on me. Yesterday I started to feel the tingly feeling that accompanies swelling. I didn't have MUCH swelling, but enough to make my wedding ring uncomfortable... and my feet hurt. I thought it would be better today, since it usually only lasts a day and is related to something I ate. But this morning, while I was getting ready for work, I could already feel it starting, and while putting on my makeup I got blurry vision. I called my midwife and let her know and went in to have my blood pressure checked, and it was too high. So now I started half days. She also said "no shopping!"

I had plans already to go to Peru tonight (I had an appointment for an appraisal of something for an insurance policy- and my midwife okayed it.) I decided to get a few things that I wouldn't be able to get now that I can't go "shopping" so I grabbed some makeup and conditioner (I was almost out of both) and the new JCPenney catalog. I got home just two hours after leaving home, and before even leaving Peru I could feel that I wanted to sit, and my feet and hands were swelling again. Ugh.

So tonight felt like my "last shopping trip." I did grab two cheap onesies and a pair of jean bibs that have a skirt bottom. And I ate a toasted turkey sub from Arby's. And that was my "last shopping trip."

Now I have settled on the couch, watched the new episode of Painkiller Jane, and proceeded to eat Peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon, because my midwife asked me to eat peanut butter and celery to help get rid of the excess water... and I hate celery. And trying to stay on my side and keep my feet elevated so that I don't swell and my blood pressure stays low. I am wondering what I will do with myself when I am supposed to be laying around. I guess I can make bracelets, read books, scrapbook, and take bubble baths. LOL.

Looks like it will be a relaxing August!

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Michelle said...

Only 1 month left to go! Take care of yourself! I wish I lived closer so I could help you with things you needed.

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