Friday, August 31, 2007


Friday! Which means nothing to me. Ha ha. Everyday is Friday!

So, we had a Dr. Appointment on Wednesday, and I am 5cm Dilated! YAY! I have been having daily membrane sweeps ever since (pleasant) which we hope will bring her here soon! I have my third sweep this afternoon.

Besides that, it's business as usual. I have been embroidering onesies to entertain myself, but had to stop yesterday when I had a mighty flare up of Carpal Tunnel in my right hand/wrist/arm. It was so painful. Back to wearing a brace. I did get three and a half onesies done in the past two days. You can see them on Flickr. I am working on a pink drumset right now... but probably won't touch it for a few days to allow my arm to rest and get better. Evan calls me a sweat shop. LOL.

Besides what have turned into daily trips to the hospital for Dr. Appointments, membrane sweeps, and NST's... I am pretty much here at home in my pajamas, with a daily bath or shower, and relaxing. Doing a load of laundry or two, picking up here and there, and watching cable TV, reading, crocheting, and embroidering. Evan escorts me to most appointments, or at least drives me there, drops me off, and picks me up when I am done. He makes sure I am fed and comfortable.

We got the Guitar Hero Game "Encore: Rocks the 80's", and have played that quite a bit. It's fun. My favorite song to play is The Warrior, closely followed by Ballroom Blitz. I guess we've had it for about two weeks now. Evan unlocked the entire game the first night. I played a bit on easy... I get to flustered on Medium. Evan plays on Medium and Hard. It's insanity to watch him play. He's awesome.

So it's Friday, everyone have a great long weekend!

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Michelle said...

I've heard that membrane sweeps feel awful. I wish you luck if Ardyn decides to make her appearance this weekend!

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