Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pregnant and On Crutches!!

Well, today I am gonna post the same thing on the blog as I do on the baby site, since I don't want to type twice. Not that I don't have tons of time on my hands!

Now I can say I have been pregnant and on crutches! Whee! Today I had to be at work at 1pm, per usual, and in the OB Department at noon for my regular NST. I was in the hospital, standing at the elevator waiting, completely still, when my ankle unexpectedly snapped (I heard it) and gave out on me, twisting over to the side and making me almost fall, although I caught myself on the wall. It was excruciating, and I have twisted my ankles probably 20+ times in my life. I have bad ankles. But was was surprising was my ankle wasn't BOTHERING me at all, and I was just standing... not even MOVING when it happened. I was in tears, and there was no one around, so I limped and hopped into the elevator and to the OB unit, and hopped all the way back to the nurses station and told them I needed ice and help because i hurt my ankle. There was already a little knot on my ankle, and I lie down and elevated it immediately, and they brought me ice right away. After 3o minutes my ankle was swollen and the knot had doubled in size. I had my NST and then they called my midwife and my family Dr. Despite the "snapping" noise, they didn't want Xrays because of my being pregnant, and so I have been given Dr.'s orders till Tuesday- no work, limited weight bearing, ice 3-4 times a day for 20 minute intervals, Tylenol every 4-6 hours, and elevate my foot. This matches nicely with my 4 hour days and modified bedrest, except that I can't work at all till we see what the ankle has done (by Monday) and it's better.

Evan had to come to the hospital to get me, because it's my right foot and I can't drive, and I had to ride out in a wheelchair. Ugh. So tonight I am pretty sure it isn't fractured, as I can put a little weight on it and go to the bathroom and back without crutches.... but holy cow is it sore and SWOLLEN on the outside. You can see right where the ankle twisted out of it's usual position and it isn't pretty! So that's my exciting Thursday! I am glad that it's feeling a bit better already, because I couldn't imagine trying to give birth with a cast on my leg or going through labor with crutches!!

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Michelle said...

I'm telling you what girl, the more you post, the more we are so alike! I was also on crutches in my 8th month last year because I twisted my ankle on my son's baseball bat. So not fun. On top of that, my hubby was already in the hospital for an infection so the nurses wheeled him down to the ER to see me. It was actually quite humorous now that I think about it!

I do hope you heal quickly and can rest these last couple of weeks!

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