Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Did you REALLY Look??

It amazes me. The way that men "look" for things. I have to admit, that while being pregnant, I have lost or misplaced more things than I probably have in my entire 27 years. And I have relied on Evan to help me find them, because I get frustrated at my lack of remembrance, and at having to bend over and roam around physically looking for things.

Since my x-rays on my ankle came back, Dr. says I can wear either an immobilizing boot, or an air cast. Well. I instantly chose air cast. Because I know they work, I have worn one before (several times) for a sprained ankle, they are less obtrusive, less heavy, and because I have TWO of them.

So I asked Evan today to look in the basement in my sewing room, because down there is a basket that I just KNEW had all my ankle braces in it. I explained exactly what I was looking for. When he came to my midwife appt this evening, he said he didn't see any of the air casts in the room. Tonight, as I was home alone for most of the evening, I finished the new Stephanie Meyer book Eclipse, and then I decided that before bed I needed to find one of those damn aircasts because I need to wear it. So. I went to the sewing room. Turned on the light, and LOOKED RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME at the basket that was RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DOOR and RIGHT ON THE TOP were two aircasts. The say "AIRCAST" on the side of the stupid things, and ONE of them was in a BOX that said AIRCAST in big blue letters. along with them were two other ankle braces with metal stays. Um. Yeah. Couldn't find them. How hard do you suppose he looked? Or did he look at all? Men.

I got quite a giggle from that, and was also entertained that when I washed them off, I found inside the box, not only the instructions, but also the receipt from the purchase of the first one, that I got back in 1997 from Associated Orthopedic Surgeons of Peoria. The second one I bought at the Medical Equipment store where I work, and it was on clearance and I paid like $2 for it. The first one was $59. Glad that I have a couple lying around.

So today's midwife appointment was brief. Blood pressure was a little more elevated (121/86), but nothing that she's concerned about. I did learn that I will likely be off work at the start of 38 weeks, instead of the END of 38 weeks as originally planned. This is because PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension) usually rears it's ugly head again at 38 weeks, and while mine seems to be controlled right now, that will likely change. We will see. I am dilated to a "good 3" and 75% effaced still, but it was mentioned several times that her head is even FURTHER down now, and that all systems are go when she makes her move. So at the end of today, I was looking at 8 more half days of work, and now I am looking at more like 4 or 5 more half days being likely. I feel great tonight. Not that I have done anything, but I am not crampy or cranky, although by this point in time, I have contractions all day and night and can't feel them much, I am so used to them. It's more the stomach aching that I get tired of.

I visited Brad, Anya, and Ava after work and got to see all the lab puppies, they are super cute. Papered and for sale if you are interested. Chocolate and Black. Then I came home, put on my pajamas, and commenced to read all night with only breaks for bathroom stops, letting my agitated dogs outside more than necessary, and a phone conversation with mom. I finished Eclipse around midnight. (Yay! But now what?) It was good. I was happy with the ending, and now of course, I am tortured with what will likely be a two year wait for her next book... and wondering what the HELL I will read while in labor since I read (both in their entirety) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Eclipse in the last 4 days. This will make Angela grimace, as it would take her a month or longer to get through one of those.... but I am a super fast reader. What can I say? It's all those summers spent reading one or more library books every single day as a junior high student. Thanks Mom! She even laughs that I can read faster than her.

Another thing that Angela would be impressed with? I have eaten 2 boxes of cereal in the past 4 days. By myself. Yum. One box of Kix, and half a box of Rice Chex, and half a box of Strawberry Yogurt Burst Cheerios. I eat a bowl for breakfast. Sunday night I had a bowl for supper, and pretty much every night, in the middle of the night, I have a bowl as a snack. If I eat supper at 5 or 6pm, and don't get up till 11am the next day, that's a LONG ASS TIME (17 hours!) for a pregnant chick to go without any food. I wouldn't be able to sleep unless I ate again at like midnight or 2am, or if I don't eat before bed, I will be awaken at 3 or 4 or 5 am, with growling hungry stomach and the baby kicking me until I eat.

So what do I read next? Any suggestions? I need something as riveting as Harry Potter, The Twilight Series, and The DaVinci code to take my mind of labor. Although, I also enjoy Sophie Kinsella, and Vicky Louis-Thompson... so I guess I should start shopping around for great books. Let me know if you have one that I can't put down.

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