Monday, August 27, 2007


Monday. Technically the last 15 minutes of Monday. So today the cleaning people came. That was good. I also had an NST at the hospital (routine) and the baby passed with flying colors as usual.

I tried to make myself get up by 11 (ha) and took a bath. I washed stoneware (which seems to accumulate and get dirty) and got ready to leave home. I get excited at the prospect of leaving home. But after about an hour or two out in public, I get so pissed and cranky, all I want is to get home. So last night I got all 55 thank you notes done from the baby shower, so today my first order of business was to stop by the post office and get stamps. Of course, the Wyanet Post Office closes from 12noon until TWO PM so it's like you can never freaking get there. And they close at like 10:30am on Saturdays. So after stopping at Wyanet at 1:30, I had to go on to Princeton and go around the block 54 times (per usual) to get into the post office and back out again. Grabbed my stamps. Discovered that the size of the baby announcements (6x6) means that each one will cost 81 cents to mail instead of 41 cents per announcement. Yee.

Then on to Burger King to grab a chicken sandwich. Then on to the hospital for my NST. While having the test I stuck all the stamps on the thank you cards and made a skein of yard into a ball.

Then I had to run to Wal-mart (against my better judgement and midwife's orders) because I was out of Zantac. And we needed dog tie out cables, as ours were shot and tangled together beyond use. Of course Wal-mart in Princeton downsized their dog section and so instead of having three sizes of red cable tie outs to choose from, they discontinued all of them, and only carry a heavier 20 foot cable, that costs $13.96 instead of the old 30 foot $9.96 cables. Ugh.

So I bought two new dog cables, the Zantac, and new metal bowls for under the electric coils on the stove. And by the time I got through those damn aisles, and a bathroom break, I was feeling hot, and my feet hurt, and I couldn't WAIT to get out of there. When I got home I was so cranky! I spent the afternoon on the couch mostly. Crocheting. All afternoon and until 11 tonight. This damn baby blanket.

I had the brilliant idea that I would make the baby blanket big enough to fit on a toddler bed with some room to spare. Well, I didn't figure in that she will be THIRTEEN by the time I finish it because I am using teeny tiny fine yarn and a teeny tiny crochet needle. Today I got one whole skein of little yarn added, and it probably only added 4 inches of length. It's wide enough to wrap up three babies but not LONG enough yet. It's like, not even HALF as wide as it needs to be. Looks like I have lots of crocheting to do. I guess even if it isn't done by the time she gets here, I should have more time after she's born while she sleeps and I am home from work. I hope. I had to stop crocheting at 11pm because I was getting aggravated that even though I was getting somewhere, I wasn't GETTING anywhere.

I also went through my embroidery patterns and thought about making some more onesies. I have 3 white ones left in my package... and then I can move up a size or two if I want. I need Evan to make me some copies of the patterns so I don't waste them when I cut them up.

Tonight I am watching the movie Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. It's depressing and it's good. Wow. Woody Harrelson plays an alcholic in the 50's, and his wife Julianne Moore is always in a good mood, and entering contests for jingles and advertisements in order to win things and money to keep the family from losing everything. It all seems to spiral out of control (finally) when the bank calls and the mom finds out that the dad took out a second mortgage on the house behind her back and spent all the money until the house is being repossessed. They have nowhere to go and all the kids will have to split up and go live with other people. While the dad's busy drinking it away, the mom finds all the kids praying in the closet that she wins a big prize. Ugh. It sickens me. It's like in some ways, she's remarkable for taking all that he dishes out, and in other ways is disgusting that he drinks away the money and there is no food for his kids, or the bills, or the house, and he treats her like crap over and over and she just takes it. She ignores it. She pretends like it isn't happening until her entire life has fallen apart. Then as they are packing up their house to move out, she wins the Dr. Pepper sweepstakes over 250 thousand other entries. Enough money and prizes to save their house. But that won't solve their problems for long. Ahhh... drama.

Well, I can't think of anything else exciting to say. Except that tomorrow I get a PEDICURE! YAY! And Evan is taking me so I don't have to go out in public and have people piss me off with their driving and such. I just get to ride along, get my pedicure, and ride home. True bliss? I think so.

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Michelle said...

That movie sounds like a good one. I'll have to rent it sometime. Defiance is only 40 minutes from me BTW!

My mom started making Allison (who is now nearly 16 months old) a quilt that has yet to be pieced together, reminded me when you were talking about your crocheting.

Enjoy your blissful pedicure :o)

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