Saturday, August 25, 2007

Why is the Rum Gone?

We have accomplished SO MUCH today. I am trying to work from the couch. I take stacks of things and baskets of things to the couch and sort, purge, organize.

I have almost 24 Thank You Cards written, enveloped, and addressed. I have plenty left to do though. I am trying to keep them all in one basket with all my supplies so that if I have the baby, Evan can bring the thank you's to the hospital so I can work on them. I am not stamping and mailing them yet because I am thinking that I might be able to slip some of them inside birth announcements and save on shipping.

I threw out three garbage cans full of magazines today, that I had looked through and torn out things I wanted to save. I cleaned off BOTH dining room tables, and sorted through the big stack of mail and paperwork that just keeps rotating and has increased and decreased in the last three months. No pile! Miracle!

Everything is vacuumed, even the dog beds. Evan got in on the nesting and cleaned out the entire entertainment center, dusting everything, organizing, and putting the VCR back in place. We hung up lots of laundry, and he would hang it for me in the closet and he even changed the burnt out bulb in my closet that has been driving me CRAZY for over a week. We have been doing laundry together, I watch while he switches loads, and tell him what load to wash next. He carries the clean clothes up the basement stairs for me and pours them out on the bed or the couch where I sort, match, fold, and hang.... then he helps by putting them away. It's fabulous.

I cleaned out the bassinet, It had been collecting clothes here and there. I also washed nursing camisoles and bras, getting ready for what I hope will be coming home to a clean house with clean clothes to wear. I got groceries last week, but we are already getting low on perishable stuff like milk, cheese, lunchmeat, etc. I made a list out on the computer so that if I have the baby (or even if I don't) SOMEONE (maybe Evan or mom) can go get some groceries. Not only am I not supposed to get groceries, but the one quick trip we took to Wal-mart left me miserable, exhausted, crampy and contracting.... so I really think someone else needs to go next time.

Last night an ADORABLE lot of clothes from eBay arrived. a HUGE lot of mix and match Gymboree clothes, that I paid only $20.50 for. They are so super cute.... my favorites are the little navy mary janes and the navy sailor pants. Check the whole lot out HERE.

I got our entire Life Doc Binder filled out electronically. I just have a few questions for Evan and then once the baby is born I need to fill out a page for her with birth date info, etc... and then I can print out all the documents and file them in the binder. Ever since discovering that thing way back when we registered for the baby at Target, I have seen SO Many great things by Buttoned Up. One thing was a "Cross It Off" task binder where you could assign tasks to family members by writing little task notes, tearing them out of the binder, and giving them to someone... and a carbon copy of what you wrote is kept in the binder so you know when you asked and who you asked. I think this would work awesome for a mom with kids at the age of actually helping out at home and having chores.

There is just some really cool stuff by Buttoned Up. And being the computer genius that I am, I cracked the password on the word documents so that I could fill out several and change the fonts, etc.... and so that I can convert them to PDF so that the entire form will print and not just the answers. This means that I can use it over and over, and not have to use up the forms that come in the binder... AND we can do a life doc binder for my parents, etc. without having to spend the $20 on another round of software and the binder and forms. I would like to do the Valuables Binder next.

My excitement of the day was seeing an ad in the new Redbook for a new Cheerios. Clustery Oats and Cheerios together to be exact. I checked the Cheerios website and it's SO new it isn't even on their site yet. I am fixin to try it. Once I get someone to go get groceries for me :)

My cousin moved to Alaska. Carrie is on her way to Alaska, where she and Jay will be stationed. I need to write a letter to my cousin and an email to Carrie. Ugh. I need to make a new list! LOL. I am full of lists. To do lists. Grocery Lists. And the baby already has a Christmas List... and she isn't even born. Things like an umbrella stroller and a front facing car seat. And a toddler swing for next summer/fall. Things that we registered for and I don't want to forget about.

Well, I suppose it's time for a nighttime bath. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am missing out on the Bureau County Fair and Wagon Wheel Days, but being in my pajamas in the AC sure seems to be making me feel better about it. Although I would REALLY like some fair food. Like a corn dog. And those Chicken Pitas. And an elephant ear from the REAL elephant ear man.


MrsThompson said...

Hey there Meagan!
Just thought I'd let you know about if you haven't heard about it already.

You can write lists, rearrange lists, even print the lists via your computer.

True, you have yet another username and password, but all your lists are in one spot.

Hang in there, only a few more days!

Kim - This_MN_Chef from WLPC

dazed said...

Thanks Kim- I DO Use Tadalist!

Lauren said...

Hi! My name is Lauren and I work for Buttoned Up. Alicia, our CEO, and the rest of the company loved your blogs about our products! We hope you have found them useful, especially with such a busy time of having a baby. We wanted to contact you, to see if you would like to guest blog on our website about how our products fit into your life, especially during the time of having a child. If you are interested, please email me at We would love to get a Valuables.doc into your hands as well! Thanks, and best of luck this week with your baby.

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