Sunday, August 19, 2007


Today it rained. A lot. I slept till 12:15. It was fabulous. Then I talked to mom on the phone for a bit, and went through some magazines, tearing out what I want to keep so I can toss them. I checked my email, the pregnancy boards, and my ebay auctions. Looks like tonight there could be as much as 5 more inches of rainfall just north of us.

It pretty much rained on and off all day and evening. I don't really remember doing much. I think I watched the Bourne Identity on cable. Really, there were only like 5.5 hours to the day before I had to leave to do my weekend duties at work (the last time I will have to do that until like December) and ran to Wal-Mart. I hadn't planned on going, but Evan handed me some cash and said that we needed necessities like milk, bread, cereal, peanut butter, and orange Kool-Aide. He was right. So I went, and I got myself more Zantac since I was out and in serious acid reflux distress. I also ended up getting "groceries" per-say.... which was a good idea because if I have the baby soon we will all starve. I kept meaning to call Simply Homemade in Mendota and buy 24 frozen homemade meals, but since I got cut to half days a month before I was expecting it, and I haven't seen a dime of my disability yet, that didn't happen. SO I bought some frozen skillet meals and pasta meals to hopefully help if the baby gets here soon. So if you come to visit, bring casseroles! LOL.

I ran into Josh at Wal-mart, and stopped at Dairy Queen for a "supper" of an Oreo Blizzard. When I got home I unloaded everything and put it away, let the dogs in and fed them, and then sat down to do some bill paying. I figured out what I could pay for the next 2 weeks, made out the checks, put them in envelopes with return address labels and stamps, and organized them according to when I can mail them. This will help if I need to tell Evan to "mail this set of bill payments." in a hurry.

I also loaded the dishwasher and started it, and made myself a roasted tomato turkey breast sandwich on a Kaiser Roll with provolone, colby jack, and Dijonaisse. Yum. I caught the newest episode of the Girls Next Door where Kendra drives in the race, and am now sitting here considering how I SHOULD be hanging up the good clothes in the dryer. Ugh. I need to do that.
Today we also hung the clock in the baby's room. It is super cute! Today I also organized some of my Flickr photos and tagged them appropriately.

Now it's about 11pm, and while I don't want to hang up clothes... I just know that's next on my list... after I look for hangers.

This week is my last week of work! I was originally scheduled to have Friday as my last day, but I am thinking based on last week's comments by my midwife, that Tuesday could be my last day. Whew! Only time will tell.

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Michelle said...

I make the most delish Chicken Casserole, in fact, we had it for dinner last night. I wonder if it would travel well via usps?! lol

I would totally drop off a casserole if I lived in your area!

Take care!

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