Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nothing to say...

I have been soooo lazy this weekend! I read the new Harry Potter book. Basically I picked up around the house on Saturday, read my book, and my parents came over and we had pizza for supper. Friday night I had my ankle X-rayed. Today I just slept late, then made breakfast, read the rest of my book, and took a two hour nap. Woke up and ate cereal. Pretty productive. LOL.

Oh and If I get really bored, I will go sit in the nursery. Although I did forget to mention that I rearranged a bit in there on Saturday, and organized the changing table. I opened all the diaper rash creams and stocked the changing table and reorganized books, etc etc. I just keep thinking WHEN will she BE here?! Feeling impatient.

The dog did a funny thing yesterday. They were on the porch sleeping, and I was lying down reading Harry Potter after my bath, and I looked onto the porch. And Hadley was there, but Boyd wasn't. The funny thing was that gate was up, so there was no way out except through the front door. I started to worry. Then I saw, from under the dry sink (which is in a wooden stand with a skirt covering the entire lower half) one brown paw sticking out. Okay, Boyd has lived here for 7 years and the dry sink has probably been there for 3 years and he has NEVER gone under it. He was sleeping under the dry sink. I said "Boyd?" and he stuck his head up and through the skirt. It was too funny. So I put his dog bed underneath it, and it fit perfectly, and he has been sleeping there ever since. Evan came home and it made him laugh. He said "he's never done that before!" and I was like "I know it!" Strange and unusual. we think he likes how it's dark and cool under there. LOL.

So anyway, I literally have nothing to say, because I have done NOTHING. So maybe I will have more to write later this week.


Michelle said...

Did you enjoy the Harry Potter book? I didn't read it but my hubby did.

dazed said...

You know, I did enjoy it. The ending was good. But at the same time, I don't believe this was the best book overall. Might be because I am distracted but it was harder for me to get into than previous books.

MrsThompson said...

Hey Meagan!

I'd love to see updated photos of your nursery... if you get a chance before that water breaks!

Here's rooting for an easy birth!

(WLPC member and lurker!)

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