Friday, August 24, 2007

Home Administrator

Today I have found a new job. Household Administrator. I'm the lady that tells everyone what to do. But I try to ask nicely.

As soon as I woke up today, I got a call from the Mayor, of all people. Apparently they have received some complaints from people that they can't see when pulling out on Wyanet/Walnut because our wildflower/native grasses are too tall this year. It's my opinion that it has something to do with this excessive humidity and everlasting rain. So of course, I, the 9 month pregnant chick on bedrest, had to tell the major that I would see that things get "trimmed" (even though trimming will hamper the reseeding to an extent) and then I had the pleasure of telling my husband that things would be trimmed- by him. He was not pleased. I see the need to do it. I can't see when pulling out either. It's not THAT bad, you just have to pull ahead a bit. But oh well. You do what's polite. Now if they would just start to complain about the state of my "flowerbeds" maybe those would get weeded too. LOL.

So today I paid two big medical bills (ack) and packed way some baby clothes. I sorted laundry and started a load, while standing in the 1 inch of water that seems to want to come into the laundry room when you've had 54 inches of rain in the past week, and I have mailed the appeal for my short term disability claim. You see, as I briefly mentioned in the last post, one morning at 4am when I was unable to sleep, I decided to open the mail. I had been waiting for exactly ONE MONTH to hear from them regarding the claim that we filed the end of July. Since I got put on half days, my short term disability should cover a percentage (60%) of my salary for those half days. Well, I hadn't heard from them, and I had called and left a message and they never returned my call. So come to find out at 4am I open a letter from them with the simple statement "Light Duty Not Covered." Um Yeah. You thought my blood pressure was high before, right?

It royally pissed me off because first of all, I was NOT on light duty. I was performing all of my job functions, but just for a limited amount of time per day. Secondly, I could have been NOT working at all and made more money on disability (which I paid my premiums for the past 5 years) than I could have made working half days. Thirdly, when my midwife talked about taking me off work, I would argue and tell her that I was fine on half days. Well. No more of that bullshit. Although by this week I was in no position to argue, my Blood Pressure was so damn high. And I am sure it had plenty to do with the stupid disability claim denial.

So I had to go through the phone conversation with a snotty nasally chick from Allstate, trying to get information on WHAT my policy states because they never SENT me a policy, and she "can't fax it" but she can mail it to me. And I can't access it online. And she can't email it to me. Yeah. Whatever. So I should have this when? Next month? Fuckers. So anyway, we had her read the policy over the phone and then FAX us an appeal form and then I had the Dr. Office write a letter explaining that I was NOT on light duty and that they should reconsider my claim. Of course, then yesterday, after trying to return fax the appeal with the letter from the Dr., it took THREE tries on THREE different fax machines/phone lines to get it to go through. So today I had to call and verify that they had received the appeal, and now I wait 14 days for them to process it. So if I get any money for July 27th-August 21st, working half days, I probably won't see it till the end of September. Ack. Thank GOD I paid my car off or I would be hurting right now.

So on top of the appeal process, we also had to send a Dr. note to them because NOW I am off work full time, and we also had to file my Long Term Disability. So I feel like the queen of paperwork. And being electronic minded, I really try to do as little with paper as possible. Paper overwhelms me quickly. I have good organization skills, but they are put to much better use when I can file things and pay things electronically. I hate paper. So now my accordion file is like 10 thousand times it's original size, and I keep trying to get things as organized as possible so that if I need something and I am in labor or in the hospital, Evan will know where to find it and what he is looking for.

All this when you are supposed to be "relaxing." Luckily I got a good night's sleep last night, about 9 hours with minimal interruptions for pee breaks every 1 hour and heartburn attacks from 3-7am. So here I am in my air conditioned bubble. In my pajamas. Maybe I should at least brush my teeth?

And the baby shower thank you's continue to stare at me.....

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