Sunday, August 05, 2007


Today is the day. The Baby Shower! It's strange because I feel like I have been waiting for it forever! NINE MONTHS!! I am 36 weeks today so that starts the official beginning of 9 months!

YAY! I was awake from 3:30-6am with contractions. At about 4 I took a shower. I lay on the couch, I lay in bed. Nothing serious but they were about 2-3 minutes apart for a while, which was amazing considering that before this I couldn't really FEEL them for sure, let alone when they started and stopped. I finally got back to sleep around 6:30.

I need to shower (I didn't shave or wash my hair this morning) but I am feeling like then I will be all ready like HOURS before the shower and then be impatient and all that. I cleaned off my camera card, and created a new Flickr set for baby shower photos. I keep looking at my house, because it was Sparkling and all picked up on Monday and now it's looking trashed and bothering me, mostly because I have no empty hampers to put dirty clothes in so they are piled on the floor, the dogs have peanut butter cup wrappers shredded all over the living room rug (why is the floor SO far away) the dishwasher is clean but sitting in the middle of the kitchen annoying me, dishes are piling up again, and there are little stacks of papers, magazines, etc. everywhere. Ugh. And dog hair. Since I have been home but immobile, it looks pretty crappy. I think if I could just clean off the coffee table I would feel better, but that would be admitting that even 9 months pregnant and crippled I am still supposed to pick up after everyone, and that makes me CRANKY!

Well, off to shower. I will post pics later!


Michelle said...

I hope your shower was fabulous - I'm anxious to see photos!

p.s. I've been feeling kinda stalkerish lately being the only one posting comments ... I hope you don't think I'm strange!

Philis said...

I hope that you had a great time at your shower. Want to see more belly pics! :) Hope your ankle feels better too.

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