Saturday, August 18, 2007


I.... must.... stay.... off..... eBay!!! Ahhh! But there are SO many cute baby clothes for SO CHEAP! I am addicted to Gymboree! It was gap, and now I just search for Gymboree Lots. I find stuff that is like a $60 outfit for $8-$20, or a lot of mix and match stuff from one Gymboree Line, that might have retailed for $100-200, that sells for like $18-40 on eBay, depending on the lot, the condition, and the number of pieces. Who can resist a lot that makes like 5 combinations of outfits, with matching shoes, socks, tights, and hair bows? Ugh! It's insanity! I now have an entirely adorable 3-6 month wardrobe. Sweaters, Dresses, Jumpers, Tights.... and two Christmas Dresses. I can't wait!

That said.... Tonight Evan and I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. I love the Bourne movies. I regret that I happened to catch them on cable before reading the books, but at the same time it's the action and intrigue that I love to watch on screen, and there is never a dull moment. I think that pretty much everyone has to admit that Matt Damon is a great looking guy. But there's something about those movies, it's like because he is smart and dangerous and clever, it just really tops it off. Evan says they are like James Bond movies. My opinion, of course, is that they are far better than James Bond. I loved the movie, and almost ate an entire jumbo bag of popcorn myself, and drank a big coke. After months of little to no caffeine, I have really wanted coke lately. Of course during a heavy portion of the movie, and on the way home, I was having pretty decent contractions, about 10 minutes apart, and then about 5 minutes apart. I was thinking the whole movie that my water would break right there and I wouldn't get to see the end. And of course it didn't, and when we got home and I got a potty break and some water, they slowed till I can't even tell if I am having any more. So I sat on the birth ball for a while, and paid for the two auctions that I won while we were at the movies, which I was surprised at, because I have been getting outbid enough lately because I am not going to go overboard on prices of the clothes.

Now I am cooking an 11pm pizza because the popcorn has worn off!!

Now the "AST Mountain Dew Tour" is on cable, a skateboard vertical competition. Watching it cracks me up. The names they come up with for the moves, just make me laugh. When we were kids, we used to watch the olympics, like figure skating and gymnastics/tumbling. They wold always have similar goofy names for all the maneuvers, and as kids we would pick them up and then try to duplicate them in an imaginary olympic world outdoors, like on the "balance beam" which was really a railroad tie sunk into the ground by the front steps. We would have all sorts of tricks, make up our own names, and always "stick the landing."

Today I started and finished the newest Nicholas Sparks book Dear John. Of course, it was painfully predictable and incredibly heart wrenching. I cried. Per usual. It was worth reading. It centers around a soldier who falls in love and has to live through a long distance relationship because of his commitment to the army, and he is planning on completing his enlistment and being honorably discharged, returning home to marry the love of his life, and literally like a couple of months from the end of his military career when 9/11 happens. It changes his life forever. It's pretty intense.

Next I will start either Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, or the news Jennifer Weiner collection of short stories.

Well, I have been sitting on the birth ball on and off since last night, when Anya and Trish stopped over. Anya let me borrow the exercise ball and Trish brought Raspberry Leaf Tea. I sat on the birth ball for an hour straight last night, and then on and off every 10 minutes for two more hours. All I got out of it was her head low, (which I have been feeling on and off for two weeks) and a serious case of saddle sore. I ended up having to take Tylenol this morning after a night of painful rolling over and waddling to the bathroom every two hours for my pee breaks.

Today I sat on it while I dried my hair after my bath, and while I surfed ebay. I also sat on it when we got home from the movies, for almost an hour. But the contractions still stopped. LOL. Maybe it's at least helping dilation and effacement, if anything it is stretching everything out and making me more flexible.

Well, have a great weekend!

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Michelle said...

Your daughter is going to be THE best dressed little girl in your town! I peeked at your flickr photos - those closet size organizers are so neat! OH, and that brown/pink fox jumper is adorable, so adorable both my girls have it too!

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