Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Witching Hour

There's the strangest thing about pregnancy. While I can require 10-12 hours of sleep to function and feel normal, at the same time I can wake up and stay awake for 2-4 hours (in the early morning usually) and then just get tired and go back to sleep again. I am hoping this is just training for "sleep when the baby sleeps." Evan has always been a night owl, and often he will decide to sleep or come to sleep after I have already had 4-6 hours of sleep. And often times I get up for a bathroom break, and the cycle starts. We chat for a few minutes, and/or he starts to saw logs, and then I can't get back to sleep. Then I'll hang out, on the couch awake, until like 6:30 or 7am, and eventually get tired enough to fall asleep and go back to the bed.

So here I am. The worst time frame for me is about 4-6am. If I get woke up in that time frame for anything other than a quick potty break, it's all over for me. I was never this way until being pregnant. And isn't this just about the time a baby needs fed? Aha! It's a conspiracy!

I think that between the number of hours of sleep I have already gotten, and the birds singing and the sky lightening, it's just that time of day. It still bewilders me though, because I can sleep till noon or at least 10am without blinking, and it's certainly much lighter then.

So now I wait for 7am, when I am sure to go back to sleep after my 2.5 hours awake. If it's earlier in the morning, like say 1-3, Evan is likely still awake and I can pad out to the couch and grab a blanket and curl up by him. He's usually drawing or watching some hokey western or kung-fu movie, so I get tired again pretty easily and can go back to sleep in about an hour, especially if he makes me cereal or popcorn or ice cream. When I was first pregnant, Cereal at 4-6am would put me right back to sleep. But now it just ensures that the baby will be awake and moving ferociously, and that doesn't help much for sleep.

The coolest thing, last night I placed my "big" Target order. I got 10% off (saved $41) and free shipping (Saved $55 more) and this means that the stroller, walk-through baby gate, wipe warmer, breastmilk storage, tummy time mat, and many other goodies are on their way to complete the list of things we "needed" for baby. She can come now! I am ready! I keep telling her that. This weekend will complete 36 weeks, and the pregnancy will officially be "term" and she can get the dilating going again.... I say this to her alot. "Okay! I am ready!" We will see if it helps.More than anything I can't WAIT for the stroller to come. I love fall with a passion. I love the cool weather, the crisp breezes and crunchy leaves. Evan and I both share this as our favorite season. We Love love love Halloween, and Costumes, and Candy, and decorations. We love love love Thanksgiving, and host it every year, as it coincides with both of our birthdays. I love fall colors (hence our living room) and pumpkins and orchards and everything there is about fall. I am super super excited to have a baby and be off work for the majority of the fall. I think about putting up decorations and going to Tanner's Orchard and taking her for walks everyday once it's cooler outside. I can't wait for that freaking stroller. It's like the last piece to the car seat. It's like my ticket to a fun fall.

This week we did get the car seats installed. We put the bases in both vehicles, and the seat is in mine, and dog is still strapped inside, riding along with me everywhere I go. Sometimes it makes me giggle and I think people must think strange things when they walk by my parked car and see dog sitting in the car seat, all strapped in. I still have to put in my backseat organizer. The hospital bags are packed and in the trunk. And now. We wait.

Can you believe that 5am is when the neighbors start up all their loud ass vehicles and rev the engines? Or drive around the house. Or around the block. Or just seem to rearrange them for fun? Literally. It's insanity. 5am. Even on a Saturday or Sunday. I hope my kid can sleep through loud exhausts because the loud exhaust and motorcycle traffic past our house is ridiculous.

Anyway, it's almost 6am. Time to eat cereal. Now the hard part, will it be rice chex, kix, or strawberry yogurt burst Cheerios?

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