Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm Thawing!

It's almost like my brain unthawed. This morning. Suddenly this morning I was up at 8 and I FORCED Myself to sleep until 9 because I really wasn't in the mood for working. Then Once I took a shower and all of that, my entire body got all ready to go and I was HUNGRY and of course last night Dear Evan had to empty EVERYTHING from the Fridge and Both Freezers and trash it. So all we had was dry cereal, bottled water, and ketchup and mustard.... and chips.

So I wanted MEAT and CHEESE. Instead of going to work at 10, I opted to go at 10:30 to swing over to Burger King and have myself a fabulous breakfast. Little do I know that BK has a couple of new menu items for breakfast that are about to change my life and make me the happiest pregnant woman in the county. I ordered the new Hamlette Sandwich and the new Cheesy Tots. YUM! Cheesy Tots are almost identical to the Casey's Cheesy Potato Bites that I love so so dearly. They are more crunchy and not as large, but you can get 6, 9, or 12 of them. I got 6 and was perfectly pleased. The Hamlette is smallish and perfect. It's a sesame seed bun with sliced hot ham, melted cheese, a skinny little egg patty, and the best part of all HONEY BUTTER! YUM! It was freakin awesome. I was so happy, my brain just started THINKING again, like it used to in the morning when I would be on my way to work and think about 15 things to blog about. I was so excited! It's nicer today, about 37 now and looking for highs in the upper 40's and I can't wait. The ice is thawing and so is my brain.

I wore a maternity dress that is sleeveless and goes to my knees, topped with a denim jacket. Ahhh. I am comfy! I can already tell that I will be so happy to be pregnant in the spring. The summer might be a different matter altogether, but I am SOOO Looking forward to the spring. I can't wait for Evan and I to be able to take walks together and take the dogs and enjoy the weather. I can't wait for that springy feeling and easter and bunnies and green grass and daffodils and hyacinths and tulips sprouting up. By the way, why does Easter keep getting earlier? Do we want to celebrate easter with snow on the ground? What the Hell? God meant for us to wear easter dresses and pretty hats and carry cute baskets and purses and search for the eggs in the deep green grass and think every bunny rabbit might be THE bunny rabbit. I remember when I was in high school, I made an outfit that I wore on easter in Home-ec class. It was blue with white flowers on it, and it was like a short sleeved top attached to a cute skort and I got so many compliments! That's the last time I think I have had an easter dress or outfit of any kind. I can't wait to have kids so that we can put them in little easter outfits and color eggs and find easter baskets again.

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Michelle said...

I can't wait for that springy feeling and easter and bunnies and green grass and daffodils and hyacinths and tulips sprouting up....

those words right there made me smile! I can't wait either!

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