Sunday, February 18, 2007

Good Day.

Well, it's so far been a nice and productive weekend, even if the house is still a wreck. On Friday I went and picked up my glasses in Geneseo, then to Peru where I had an ultrasound just before lunch. The ultrasound was good, the baby looks good, heartbeat, pulsing umbilical cord, the whole deal.... but the baby was moving so much that he couldn't really get a good picture so I don't have much to "show." The specialist is releasing me to my midwife for care now, so that is good news.

After the ultrasound I went shopping for a new mattress. Lay's in Peru had the BEST Prices and a huge 40% off sale. I grabbed a Sealy Posturepedic Plush (King sized! YEE!) that was originally $1600, for $944, so with tax I came in just $11 over my tax return budget. The sales people were EXCEPTIONALLY nice. Not pushy, very informed and polite. Did you know that if you get a stain on your mattress it voids your warranty? Jeez! Nazis! So they wanted to sell me a $75 waterproof mattress pad, but I found one at Sears in the mall for $40. I can just picture my water breaking on the new bed someday, or baby spitting up all over or something like that. Even though we don't have kids, I have already had one kid pee in our bed since we've had it. So I bought a waterproof protector. My friend Anya said that when she was pregnant, she put a plastic shower curtian under her mattress pad in case her water broke in bed. Smart! So the only issue I do have, is that the bed frame was $75, over my budget, and more than I wanted to spend. So I have two weeks to find a metal king sized bed frame. If ANYONE in my area has one to get rid of, please let me know!

Friday afternoon I grabbed my Ultrasound Roast Beef (Arby's is my ultrasound tradition) and then went to Menard's to buy green and antique white spray paint to match the baby's room. I have some wall things that need painted. I also picked up the safety 1st blind cord wraps, which I have wanted for a while, but they are hard to find in a store. I got 8, that's enough to do all the roman shades and mini-blinds in the house, as well as the roman shade we plan on getting for our bedroom very shortly.

After Menard's, I ran through the mall. The plan was to pick up a new Penney's catalog, since my card came in the mail and look at the mattress pads. When I got to Penney's they had a huge maternity sale, and they had $16 t-shirts by Duo for $8, so I grabbed a turquoise one, a hot pink one, and a red one. Great deals. I also grabbed a little JC Penney Maternity Catalog. Cute Stuff in there! There weren't any waterproof mattress pads in Penney's so I walked the entire length of the mall to Sears. My feet were killing me. That was when I remembered that I keep promising myself new tennis shoes for this pregnancy, something with lots of support since my feet have been hurting already. So in Sears I bought a pair of New Balance on sale, that you don't have to tie, they are regular tennis shoes but they have this cool elastic tongue and elastic laces. White with Pink and light silver accents. They are super comfy. Before I walked back across the mall I put them on and was so much happier!

Friday night I spent 5 hours making 6 loaves of Italian Sweet Bread. I watched my TIVO'd episodes of The O.C. and Grey's Anatomy. Anya and Ava stopped by for a while.

Saturday I had my scrapbooking potluck day. It was a snowy and blustery day. I took my gondola bread and we turned it into garlic bread with cheese. I made a baby brag book for my mom to use once she has her first grandbaby. It turned out really cute. It just took a cereal box to make the covers, cardstock and coordinating paper, and 3 notebook rings. And some embellishments.

Saturday evening I put together the new glider and ottoman. They forgot to send the allen wrench! I had a set of allen wrenches that look like a swiss army knife, and was able to tighten all but two of the screws because the allen wrench I had was too large to fit into the tight space, so I hand tightened them. One of the padded armrests had the velcro sewn on backwards and had a dime sized stain on it. Otherwise it was a very nice set. I called Target and the only way to fix that is to send me an ENTIRE new glider and ottoman. For an arm pad and an allen wrench. She said the parts orders take upwards of two months. So they are sending me another glider, I take out the pieces I need and ship it back, all at target's expense.

Saturday night I finished the assembly of the Changing table that Evan had started. Then I put stuff on the shelves and in the drawers, which helped with the clutter in the nursery. Eventually I will probably unpack all the sleepers and put them in one of the drawers, and socks and stuff. The more furniture we get in there, the smaller that room looks and the more I think we might not be able to keep the twin bed up in there after all. That is kinda bothering me, but since there is no closet, I REALLY want to have room for an armoire. I don't think it will all fit and not be too cluttered without taking the twin bed out. Only time and a crib will tell me that.

Of course I was awake at 7:30 again today (ick) and couldn't get back to sleep although I tried for two hours. Evan's snoring was driving me nuts, so I just decided to get up. Now I need to clean the kitchen and do laundry but I refuse to do it alone while he sleeps. After all, I did make bread, clean the living room and the spare bedroom, and assemble the furniture. By myself. So I think cleaning needs to be a joint effort today. So until then.... I will just kill time.

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PCinAZ said...

The nursery is going to look so nice. I am so excited for you. :)

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