Friday, February 02, 2007

Stupid Commercials Everywhere

Today we got our taxes done, and the 2nd ultrasound. Baby looks great, heart beating away, feet and hands, head, spine, all in place. We saw the Yolk sac and the umbilical cord and the amniotic sac. Pretty cool. No movement yet, so the specialist is thinking the baby might be closer to just past 9 weeks versus just before 10 weeks as we have calculated. But I know without a doubt the date of conception. We will see. Only time will tell! I personally think that after the quick trip to peru, the baby was just napping. LOL.

I got my favorite ultrasound day treat, Arby's Roast Beef for lunch.

I have seen some pretty RETARDED Commercials tonight. The one from Cascade. First, the woman is standing in front of her dishwasher with the door open, unloading it. And instead of, for example, taking out all the plates, making a stack on the counter, and putting them in the counter, she litterally picks out ONE plate at a time and puts each one in the cabinet seperately. Um. Does ANYONE do that? Anyone who has things to do? I can pick up 9-10 plates at once, all out of the dishwasher in one swipe, and stack them and put them in the cupboard. That one at a time crap looks ridiculous. So then, as she is unloading the dishwasher, the lights flicker and go out. So IN THE DARK she keeps unloading the dishwasher. The moral? "She KNOWS the dishes are clean." So what. If the lights are out, I am not going to keep standing there in the dark and put away dishes, unless I am like heavily medicated. WTF? I would be looking for flashlights or lighting candles.

Then, immediately after that, the Pepsi commercial with the giant red and blue ball (like the one on the pepsi can) bouncing around the city like a giant pinball. I understand the pinball concept, and I thought it was cool. Except. There was a GUY.... lying on the top of the pinball. And no matter how much the pinball ROLLED, by just lying on the top of it, he was always on top. Um. Okay. That's logical. I wasn't thrilled. Have you seen these commercials.

And how about the next Trading Spouses with the gay women. I can't believe that the other wife said "your birth defect is that you were born gay." Whoa. Closed minded much? Talking badly about mexicans, homeless people, smokers, fat people.... How about ugly mouthy bitches with big egos. How about calling your daughter FATTY at practice in front of others? How about you don't EVER call your kid fatty, whether or not they are in public. And the father said "She is LAUGHING" when she is playing sports (because sports can't be fun) and told his daughter to keep playing when she broke her collarbone. It's like they are white trash living in a nice house in Oregon. Goes to show that Lesbians can be better parents than LOTS of straight couples. Ridiculous.

I LOVED the look on the evil mom's face when she saw that her "husband" was a woman... and the look when Pepper said she was a lesbian. And I can't BELIEVE that the evil mom said that they live in a community that isn't diverse, and that she then made the point that it's "an excellent place to raise children... or at least it was until the Mexicans moved in." And how about "I really like kids IF they're nice kids... but if they're dirty little runts..." Uh. Okay. She has probably made more enemies in the first 10 minutes of this show.... In the first 2 seconds of meeting the daughter Shay, she said "What happened to your teeth?" And then later she said "I would probably DIE before eating leftovers." Wow. Bitch?

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