Wednesday, February 21, 2007


First... Go visit my new renter

Second... I thought of another rapid TV gestation. The O.C. In the last five episodes, Kiersten told her family that she was expecting, she had her first ultrasound, and just last week she was barely showing, and *get this!* This Thursday (as in TOMORROW) her water breaks and she is delivering a baby! What the heck is this all about?! It's amazing really. It's insane. And I sit here 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I say "damn!" Because I have a long way to go.

This week has been kinda hectic, my schedule is all monkeyed up again, with 5am wake-ups. Yesterday I worked about 10 hours, and last night Brad and Anya's dog disappeared and I watched Ava for a little while at their house while Evan and Brad and Anya drove around looking for her. Just when we had all given up, Evan came back to get me and Sadie came running down the road to him. Whew!

So last night I propped my eyes open to watch a new episode of Law and Order SVU, and then crashed into a deep sleep.

The snow is rapidly melting and things are either frosty or muddy, depending on the time of day. It feels almost like spring.... but we hear there is another snowstorm on it's way this weekend. But it's been 45 this week, and it's a HUGE change from -10.

My appetite has increased amazingly, and my metabolism is skyrocketing. My Midwife says that she won't be the least bit surprised if I only gain 5-15 pounds during this pregnancy, because of my body shape and me metabolism being so high now. Yee! I hope so! She also said she is watching me closely for hypertension and toxemia and that I should set my mind with the possibility of working part time or being on partial bedrest for the last two months of my pregnancy. Yeah. So I am planning for that. I have warned my boss and my husband. And I need to get everything done that I can now!

Luckily I have lots more energy, even more this week than last week.

I don't have much else insightful to say... so go visit my renter!

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Damselfly said...

Wow, I hope you only gain that much! That would be great. I gained 40 and hope if I ever get pregnant again, it will be less than that.

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