Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Fiver

1. What do you try to stay away from?
  • Wow. This could go so many ways. I stay away from drugs. I hate drugs. I do not ever do them. I never have. I don't need drugs to be creative and I don't need them to be different. I also don't really drink much alcohol (before being pregnant) I never get anything from it. I also stay away from Celery. And Hot Weather. I hate humidity. I stay away from situations where other people could be in charge of me. I like to make my own decisions and I don't want to put myself at the mercy of some idiots decisions.

2. Are you clumsy or graceful?
  • Probably clumsy? I tend to run into things and trip. I get bruises. I break my toes. I don't usually break things (besides my toes, I mean like objects. I don't drop things much) and I don't really fall down too much. Usually I think I trip because something is in my way or I am going too fast.

3. What is it too late for?
  • Um. Well I tend to be pretty positive.... but it's too late to get my money back for a college education that hasn't done shit for me. And it's too late to tell a previous employer to go fuck themselves before they screwed me over royally. It's too late to buy pet insurance for my dog that has Colon Polyps. It's too late to mail my bills on time to avoid late fees.

4. What/who was your first love?
  • Oh boy. Why are you asking me this? I have had beagles my whole life and loved them all. I have had cows that I loved. I loved agriculture. I loved the idea of working in agriculture and farming and raising animals and crops. But I did have a first "love." A boyfriend who I thought I would be with **forever** and we had lots in common and we had so much fun and really good sex and all those things that come with a "first love" but it also had bad aspects and the bad got worse and the better got less and We went through a tough breakup that pretty much ruined my idea of what love should be (for a while) and made me less trusting and more stronger and probably more demanding. It made me raise my standards and expect more from the person that I love and it made me expect more from a relationship and believe that I deserved better. It was your classic crushing first love and first heartbreak. I don't have to name any names. That's not fair to anyone involved. I really try to not harbor any anger... or resentment... but it wasn't pleasant and I still feel unresolved issues 11 years later. But that's life. Not every Issue has to be resolved.

5. Friday fill in:
  • I believe that love will prevail.

This has been an especially long week. I have been in early every single day this week, with the exception of today, and worked an 11 hour day on Tuesday. I am so so so happy to see the weekend. I know it's not here QUITE yet..... but it's super close!

I have so much housework to do this weekend! The cleaning people had to cancel 2 weeks ago, so it has literally been 4 weeks since the house has been cleaned. I vacuumed the living and dining rooms and the spare bedroom- but the rest is a nightmare. Dog hair. Dirt and mud from the outdoors and salt granules being tracked in. Laundry and Dishes (although I did run the dishwasher last night) and just plain messy. Every surface covered with papers and magazines, socks, gadgets, bottles of water. It's a nightmare. It will probably take me the whole weekend to regroup. Today is mom's birthday, tomorrow is Evan's Grandma's Birthday, and Sunday is Evan's Dad's Birthday. I have a card for mom but I need to get two more.

Last night we ate a great supper over at Evan's parent's house. Today his brother came over and they got all the cardboard boxes out of the garage to burn at the farm, and went to Menard's to get a new light for our back porch so the pregnant chick (and visitors) don't fall down in the dark.

Last night I tries to spray paint a peg rack that I had for the nursery. I want to hang it above the changing table. I had driven to Peru and bought Rustoleum American Heritage Spray paint in Apple Green, and when I tried to paint, it was leaking EVERYWHERE and dripping in dime sized droplets like rain, all over the cardboard and my hands, and the thing I was painting. I was so upset. Called Rustoleum and apparently the can must be defective. They were going to get another can for me today so I can continue painting, except NOW it's like freezing out and there is a winter storm warning in effect until Sunday night... When this whole last week it has been 45-50 degrees and sunny. Damn. So much for spray painting that wooden peg rack!

Our new KING SIZED Bed should be delivered next Friday. It's only ONE WEEK until I will be sleeping in Pure Comfort! I can't wait! Sealy Posturpedic Plush.... here I come! I need to wash the two new sheet sets and the mattress pad and the bed skirt this weekend, so we are ready to roll. When we got married I registered for King sheets.... and I bought a set identical to our queen sheets when they went on clearance. I also bought 2 King sized pillows a few months ago when Penney's had them buy 1 get 1 for $1. This week I found a king bed skirt on clearance too. The only thing I still want to get is a king sized comforter, I am sending ours with the other bedding to my sister's house for her spare room. We do have several... king ... quilts, but no king comforter. Penney's had a big sale and their down comforters were super inexpensive. A ing was only like $59. But I was buying a mattress pad and the mattress that day, and 3 maternity shirts and my new shoes, so I was limited on my spending spree.

Well, that's all the interestingness (okay so it wasn't really interesting) that I can muster for one day.

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Jimmy said...

hehe! You got me there. I'll ramp back up very soon. :o)

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