Monday, February 12, 2007

His Blog is about Nothing... And I like it!

Hey peeps... check out my new renter! I do love his blog.... Especially his winter poem. Although today I think it hit like 25 degrees and it feels like SUMMER! But I hear of about 9 inches of snow coming my way starting tonight. Of course I have to get up at 5:00am tomorrow (4 hours early) to go to my mystery job, to do my mystery work, and I am NOT looking forward to screwing up my entire life and putting myself on virtually a different shift, especially when my body is just starting to feel mildly normal again and my sinus infection only flares up at night.

My renter is also in the blessed cold midwest.... and is worth the visit! Go see!


Nobody said...

today is almost like summer, but it doesn't appear that it will last long, it's supposed to be -10 again in a couple of days. Yuck.

Thanks for pimping my blog!

dazed said...

Ick. We are supposed to get 7-8 inches of snow by tomorrow night.... so it will be winter for a long time.

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