Thursday, February 01, 2007

Don't Touch my Belly. Actually, How about you just don't TALK.

So today, at work (in an undisclosed location with an undisclosed employer), I had a woman who works for the same undisclosed employer, Say to me "So how far along are you" and I said "I am 10 weeks, so in my third month now" and she said "oh. And you are ALREADY wearing maternity clothes?" with this look of disdain on her face. And I said "Yes. I wasn't that skinny to start with."

What the fuck is that about? She has two kids. Why do mothers judge other mothers like that? So what if she's like a size 8. She doesn't do her hair or put on any makeup, and I look better pregnant than she does on any given day. I don't judge her for that. She's a mom. I support whatever she does. Who cares if I am wearing maternity clothes at 10 weeks? I am pregnant. My old clothes don't fit. I have only gained 2 pounds in the past 3 months, and that is mostly water weight. If you are pregnant, and your old clothes don't fit anymore, aren't you SUPPOSED to wear maternity clothes? Isn't that why they make them? It's not like I am a knocked up 16 year old trying to hide it from my parents. I am a 28 year old happily married pregnant woman. In Maternity clothes.

Jeez. I have had THREE people touch my little belly. One was okay. It was nice. The other, was a stranger, in an elevator. Not okay. She seemed sweet but probably a little mentally disturbed. The third was one of those people who you don't really get along with, but you deal with because you have to as a part of your job, and it was like, uh... okay. What part of our acquaintances makes you think it's okay to touch my belly? I have to admit that I have heard of lots of stories about people randomly thinking that they have permission to touch your belly, and I am sure it is going to get much worse. But let me tell you, it is much more uncomfortable and awkward than I thought it would ever be. Except for that one person who I felt comfortable with. Why do people DO that?

So that's this week in pregnancy. Another ultrasound tomorrow. "Ugh. You have had TWO ultrasounds and you are only 10 weeks? That is SO uncool." Whatever. And tomorrow I pickup my glasses (they got new lenses) and we also get our taxes done and find out if we have enough return $$ to get a new mattress as ours has springs poking through and is very uncomfortable. Cross your pretty little fingers!~


Much More Than A Mom/The Opinionated Parent said...

Heh. I never had that happen but I'm not quite sure how I would have handled it.

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Jackson said...

Rubbing the belly thing is like a southern thing, they do that a lot like in Louisiana and stuff.

PenneArdICS said...

Expecting! Congratulations *rubs belly like a good ole Southern gal* - NOT! I've never done it, but my relatives are fond of this ritual :P Hey, have you heard of "The Secret"? There's a thread on their forum at PI about birth and babies that you might like to check out.

Oprah featured the movie last week and there was such a huge reaction that she decided to host a follow-up show tomorrow (Friday, February 16th.)

I've been inactive for quite a while, both with PC and the sister groups, but dropped by this week to share the news and let everyone know how much I appreciate your friendship and support over the past few years (and, of course, I thought of you!)

Last week I posted a note to the Homeschooled Chefs group at Yahoo! mentioning the idea of adding a co-owner to the "We Love Pampered Chef" group, so the name will remain in the family and protected from misuse -- but I realized that MSN only allows for one full-fledged owner (which is, as you surely recall, what threw you and the rest of us for a loop way back when the original WLPC owner went AWOL :P) C'est la vie.

Enjoy Life ~ I AM!

PenneArdICS said...

Hmm... the link cut off (shoulda tagged it): Baby born with The Secret


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