Sunday, February 11, 2007


Just give me a laptop and a credit card and I can make a boring Sunday turn into a FABULOUS Shopping extravaganza! LOL. Last night I ordered the Changing Table in Antique White from JC Penney, and the changing pad and a changing pad cover in light green. Today I am so excited I can't hardly wait for it to arrive, I spent Friday and Saturday nights lying on the twin bed in the nursery arranging it in my mind. I am thinking all about the little socks and sleepers that I will put in the bottom drawer of the changing table and how I will stack diapers and wipes. Good fun.

When I got home Friday night I put all my new books in the bookshelf and now, it is full. I have readhed my limit on books for a while. Plenty to read here!

After ordering the Changing table (I got free shipping before Feb 15th) I got an email from Target today, with 10-20% off my furniture purchase, and so today I ordered the glider and ottoman. So essentially I got free shipping on BOTH Pieces or furniture. I coulda got $$ off the crib, but I don't have that kinda cash lying around. I am sure there will be another sale before September!

I also bought three other things I have been coveting since about a month or so ago, when mom and I were at Target in the Quad Cities. There is a Maternity sweatsuit that is tea green, really soft and pale and has all distressed edges and ruching between the breasts.... but the top and bottom together were $40! But I was like "I could REALLY use something like that to wear when I want to be relaxed, like on the weekends." My own adidas pants are already becoming tight and uncomfortable.... so I bit the bullet and ordered that too and added in a green fold-top purse that I was coveting so that I can get free shipping. The sweatsuit color is much neater in person, online it looks grey.... but I saw it at a store and it's adorable.

Now I am done. Scouts honor. I also ordered (Friday night) Evan's valentine's day present, which was a $40 t-shirt that he saw and really liked. I HOPE that it gets here on time... but it may not so I might have to print a picture.

This week is Valentine's Day! Yeah! Evan is taking me to get a Pre-natal massage and then we are going to purchase goodies for him to cook me a fabulous dinner. This weekend I will probably be assembling furniture and shopping for a new mattress since our tax return will be back! Yeee! I am hoping that the sales people will feel at least a little sympathetic since I am pregnant and I can get the bed frame thrown in for free. Cross your fingers! We are SO going King this time! I have three unopened king sheet sets and all my comforters and quilts are king. We registered for King sized sheets for our wedding because we KNEW we would be upgrading soon. I can't wait to get them all out and wash them and sleep on a new bed with smooth new sheets! Just one more week!! yeee!

I did get some crystal light lemonade... and I LOVE it, but wouldn't ya know it's giving me TERRIBLE heartburn? Damn. Maybe in another few weeks that won't happen anymore. Thanks Michelle for the Crystal Light offer, but I don't want to take you up on that until I know that It won't give me heartburn! LOL.

Yesterday I received THE MOST FABULOUS pink and yellow swap from fourlittlebirds! It was FABULOUS! I can't wait till my secret swap partner receives the swap that I sent!

Saturday I started and finished the 4th book in the Traveling Pants Series. It was good. It had been so long since I read the first three that I was confused at first.

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Damselfly said...

You love green or something? ;)

It's fun to get worked up over a baby nursery! Sounds like you're a good shopper, too.

Enjoy your massage and your Valentine's Day.

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