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I may have already used some of these weird things about me in a previous post, I can't remember, but anyways. Leeanne wants to know 6 weirdo things about me and I can't let her down!
  1. I have all the presidents memorized. In Order. I can recite them by last name at lightening speed and have been able to do so since grade school.
  2. I/we/people who know me- believe that I have a photographic memory, although science hasn't proved that there actually IS such a thing. I memorize phone numbers, birth dates, license plates... pretty much anything- and I can store quite a bit in my head. I don't remember EVERYTHING but people are often incredulously saying "how do you REMEMBER that?!" I tend to match license plates up to make and model and color of vehicle, and if someone has transferred plates from vehicle to vehicle, And I have their plates memorized, I can tell you the history of cars they have driven. I have gotten away from that recently, as more and more computer crap clouds my brain. I can only hold so much, after all.
  3. I am really not that frightened by things like mice, lizards, snakes, bugs. Granted I don't like bugs crawling on me, and I don't want to be bitten or strangled by a big snake.... but when I was a kid I used to spend my mornings petting the mice caught in the traps to make them feel better, and I had salamanders in an aquarium as pets. I also had a bullfrog, named Jeremiah (naturally) that lived in a giant jar. We have pictures somewhere. I am not afraid of snakes as long as I know they won't bite or attack me, and I always begged my mom to let me have a pet mouse. I did get a guinea pig, but mom was allergic and I had to give it away. I also had a rabbit in high school that we bred in Ag class but he died of cancer. Because we had no brothers, Liz and I were exposed to all kinds of creepy crawly things. We always got our hands on frogs and lizards and bugs. When I started dating Evan, he had a boa, but it was a mean and biting snake, so I didn't really ever hold it, because it always bit. I have always laughed at girls who are afraid of mice. A chick standing on a table screaming is pretty funny. The only bugs I really despise are things that are large or move fast.... june bugs, flying grasshoppers, and most spiders are pretty icky...
  4. I am very particular. If you don't stack the plates properly or fold the towels with the folded edges facing out, it might drive me insane. I have gotten a LITTLE better since living with Evan, but I really like things a certain way. I get this from my mom. She probably wouldn't admit it.
  5. I like to be naked. Not really in a sexual way, I just like to be naked. I don't like clothes. Now that I am preggo, I think it's worse. I don't like things rubbing on me. An ideal weekend for me is one spent either entirely or partially undressed. When I get home from work, The first thing I usually do is take my clothes off. Sometimes I put on pajamas, sometimes just a t-shirt, sometimes a sports bra and athletic or pajama pants. I like to be barefoot or wear sandals. I love long skirts because there's a lot less fabric touching you all the time. Looking back, even when I was a kid I ran around in my underwear most of the time. If it were up to me I would stay naked for hours after I got out of the bathtub. Sometimes I will get into bed and curl up and read a book or watch TV just to avoid getting dressed. I can't tell you the number of people who have "unexpectedly" dropped by and I have had to either get dressed or put on a robe, and have many times been caught in a t-shirt and underwear. I can almost never sleep with something on, when I try I usually take my pajamas off in my sleep, sometimes without even being aware of it. Sharing a hotel room or staying at a friend's house is always challenging. The moral of this is that you should always call before coming to my house, and if I am wrapped in a blanket, there's a good chance I am naked.
  6. I hate celery. It is my mortal enemy. I don't like anything about it. The taste, the crunch, the strings, ack. It looks like little boomerangs when sliced. Disgusting. People try to slide celery in EVERYTHING and unless it's been cooked well and is super soft, I can't ever stand to eat it. I pick it out of everything. At school they used to put that stupid ants on a log on my plate and I hated it even near my food. Sometimes if I was feeling froggy I would lick off the peanut butter but was especially careful to leave a film of peanut butter so I never had to eat the peanut butter that touched the celery and so the celery never touched my tongue. People think this a very bizarre food to not like, and I am not sure WHY but it sure is icky.


Much More Than A Mom/The Opinionated Parent said...

Heh. Those are great!

leeanne said...

lol funny. i cant live without a bra on i only take it off for 2 things. also i have to sleep in pajamas or if im too worn out to put clothes back on i will steal most of the blanket and pile it between my legs so there is no skin touching anywhere. lol we must be the exact oposites or something because i cant remember anything,like even what i said 5 minutes ago without gonig back and thinking. lol i would much rather be naked and remember everything i think! lol

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