Monday, February 05, 2007


Today I am sick still. I went to work but I only worked about 6 hours because at the end of the day I just wanted to come home and try to eat something. All weekend I felt ick ick icky. The Antibiotics I am on are making me super icky. Nauseous and tired. I slept 13 hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights... AND I pretty much lounged all day.

Tonight I watched Hitch, since I had it tivo'd and I have to say, how can anyone NOT like Will Smith? We used to watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air as kids and he just gets better and better. I loved him in Enemy of the State, and Hitch is also great. I can't wait to see his new movie.

I also caught the beginning of the show "the class" and one of the girls came home and the guys were eating pizza. They were "done" and the girl was on a diet. She said "if you are going to throw the rest of that pizza out, when you put it in the garbage, could you make sure that it touches other garbage?" And the guys are like "what?!" and she goes "Well yeah, cuz if I'm lying in bed tonight and I know that there's pizza in the garbage that's only touched the box, I'm gonna eat that sonofabitch!" LOL. I about died. Not that I would do that. Or anything.

I am already tired and it's not even 8pm. Blah. I need to save my energy anyway, because on February 17th I have a potluck scrapbook day to attend, and on the 18th I hope to be shopping for a new mattress which we DESPERATELY need. So I need all the energy I can get and if I start saving up now I might be able to do ONE of those. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Hey, my cousin Julie was in Hitch. She plays Casey. I love that movie. You're right, Will Smith is hilarous! I also LOVE Kevin James.

I'm a HUGE fan of "the class" I laughed hysterically at that pizza line too! It is really one of my favorite shows and I think it is a good show to somewhat replace "friends"

Hope you are doing well!

Stephie306 from WLPC2

SugarMama said...

First Trimester really gets you so tired! Here's hoping oflots and lots of rest for you.

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